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Are You A Content Strategist or an SEO Copywriter?

Are you undervaluing your work — and selling yourself short?
I’ve talked to many freelance and in-house copywriters who claim that they’re “just” a writer. Sure, most of their time is spent writing copy. But they’re also setting the editorial calendar, using tools like BuzzSumo to find new topic ideas and even explaining Google’s latest updates to their clients […]

The C-Word And Why Content Isn’t King

You know what I’m tired of hearing?
The oft-repeated mantra “content is king.”
“But wait Heather,” you may say. “You train people how to write content. You consult on SEO content development. Heck, your entire career was built on content.”
True. But I think the mantra “content is king” has done more harm than good.
Even in today’s brave new […]

How To Do A Content Audit (And Why It’s Worth It!)

Imagine if you had to use your old high school photo for your business headshot.
Remember that perm you spent hours teasing (and Aqua Net-ting?) Your super-big hair would be showcased on your LinkedIn profile.
That cool mullet you sported, paired with your Metallica t-shirt? Yup. That’s what readers would see when they clicked over to your “about” page.
(I can see you cringing […]

4 Ways SEO Copywriters Can Increase Their Income – Fast!

Do you want to build additional profit centers for your SEO writing business?
Why not up your game and help companies with the strategic side of SEO copywriting?
You’ve probably found that many clients are looking for more than “just a writer.” Maybe that’s because they’re not sure what content they should produce. Or perhaps the internal writing team is new […]