Interview with SEO Copywriting Certification Grad, Noel Gama

Noel Gama directs Human Resources and MarCom for one of India’s largest line of pipe-manufacturing companies, based in India with facilities in the U.S. and Dubai. He’s honed his persuasive writing skills for getting the most-wanted response (MWR) from his most challenging customers — employees — and has applied these skills to his external customers as the company’s star copywriter.

Noel took the next logical step in his career — from being an HR and MarCom professional (writing for humans) to an SEO copywriter (writing for humans and search engines).  He used his copywriting skills to persuade his company to sponsor his enrollment in the Success Works’ SEO Copywriting Certification training program.  “Success Works’ program provided me with everything I was ‘searching’ for online, vis a vis SEO,” says Noel.

What got you interested in SEO copywriting?

The writing’s very clear on the web 🙂  SEO copywriting is the future of all copywriting because the web is the future, and at the center of the web is SEO copywriting — where human-enticing conent and bot-baiting SEO compete for the Home turf (pun intended).

What SEO copywriting projects are you working on now?

I’ve started optimizing my company’s website using the course manual as a blueprint.  However, because  I’m a full-time HR and MarCom professional, I have been turning down online B2B SEO copywriting projects from potential clients.  But now that I have an SEO copywriting certification and a logo from Success Works, I’ve started work on my own SEO copywriting website, which ranks #1 on Google: Effective Human Resources Writing.

I’ve also begun to apply the best practices I learned from the training program to the three, theme-based, content-rich websites I own, and have completed the outline of my e-book, “Organic Search Engine Optimization Secrets Every Brick-and-Mortar CEO Should Know.”

What do you find most rewarding about SEO copywriting?

I’ve been in HR for over a quarter of a century and in MarCom almost a decade. Out of all the campaigns I’ve launched in these two functions, in-house SEO campaigns were absolutely free, the returns were huge, and the results more measurable.  Can anything be more rewarding than that?

Does your in-house SEO copywriting present unique challenges?

Yes.  My industry is in the infrastructure sector (manufacturing, to be precise) where mechanical engineers rule and when it comes to the web, they seldom “get it.”  On the other hand, I’ve had to interact with external SEO experts who work only for the search engines.  Though I’ve worked with IT and external techies, it’s my SEO copywriting skills that make me unique and therefore, feted by both:  my company and the SEO techies!

What have you found to be the most immediately applicable skills you learned from the SEO Copywriting Certification training program?

SEO editing — it’s the easiest and the first thing one can do with an existing website. But besides the up-to-date knowledge I gained and the best practices I learned, the certification is sure to give a huge boost to my credibility, especially when credibility is such a big factor on the internet, should I decide to go freelance on a part-time basis.  The Success Works’ SEO Certification logo will enhance my own SEO copywriting website’s corporate look and feel, and the certificate is documentary evidence that my expertise is confirmed by a widely-recognized, third-party industry expert!

What are your other interests and passions?

I spend my leisure hours in my colonial villa in a 16th-century fort, in the company of my extended family and my dogs.  I don my singer-songwriter hat and play with my collection of guitars and synths; at other times, I work on my web-base info-publishing business, “Noah’s Mark Publishing.”  Occasionally, I add pages to the manuscript of a historical romance novel set in the Indo-Portuguese era.

New SEO copywriting for businesses hands-on workshop September 15, 2010

Are you in the Puget Sound area and need hands-on SEO copywriting help? Now, there’s a seminar just for you!

Many of you have asked if I could create an in-person seminar series where participants could work through some writing exercises and ask specific questions about their site.  After all, it’s one thing when I tell people to “write good Titles.” It’s another when I can help people step-by-step and provide instant feedback.

The seminar is a powerful mixture of “talking head” presentations (the first half of the day) paired with hands-on help (the second half.) Check out the  SEO copywriting seminar agenda for the full agenda and details.

The training isn’t finished just because the day is over!  If you sign up for the seminar, I’m giving folks free access to my online SEO Copywriting Certification training ($599 value.) For three months after the training, registered participants can go online, listen to the conference calls and refine their skills even more.

Won’t you join us? Let’s improve your positions and your conversions together – sign up today!

Interview with SEO Copywriting Certification Grad, Pamela D. Jones

Writing has always been a skill that Pamela could rely on.  Immediately after graduating from college, she began her writing career.  Her first piece of work was a romantic short story published by a major New York magazine.  Pamela went on to sell several more short stories, which always featured a female character dealing with life’s dilemmas and love.  However, her writing career dried up after her publishing home of 13 years closed its doors in the 2000’s.

It seemed like her writing career was over.  All Pamela knew was fiction writing, and aside from that, she felt like she had nothing else to write.  Worse, the publishing industry was beginning to change, along with the bad economy.  Print was beginning to die, and so it seemed, were Pamela’s dreams of ever writing again.

Then in 2010, Pamela enrolled in the SEO Copywriting Certification course, created by SEO expert Heather Lloyd-Martin.  This course changed her life to the point that she had a skill beyond publishing.   She was able to write for the newest industry, the internet.  As of today, Pamela is in the process of doing something with her writing career that she couldn’t do with publishing:  go full-time.  There’s more opportunity with SEO copywriting than publishing, and she can enjoy having a recession-proof career.

“It’s a dream come true,” says Pamela.

What do you find most challenging or rewarding about SEO copywriting?

I love the fact that this is a career that you can take in so many different directions.  By this I mean you can either work in-house or freelance.  Some jobs don’t allow this flexibility, but at the same time SEO copywriting isn’t just a job.  It’s a wonderful career.

Are you currently working on any SEO copywriting projects?

Indeed I am!  Who could let such a fun skill go to waste?  I’m in the process of expanding my freelance writing career from part-time to full-time.  My business logos symbol represents my services:  a professional female writer.  In addition, I do independent contracting work for while bidding on copywriting jobs on Elance.  My goal is to be my own boss with numerous SEO projects under my hat.

What have you found to be your biggest “take-aways” from the SEO Copywriting Certification Training program?

Knowledge, knowledge, and more knowledge.  I can’t emphasize this enough!  Although I was writing for prior to starting the course, I didn’t have the full scope of SEO copywriting skills.  Heather’s course gave me that and more.  Thanks to this excellent program, I’m confident in starting my own freelance business.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have even attempted such a venture.

Do you have any words for those who may be considering taking the SEO Copywriting Certification Training program?

Take it!  You won’t regret it.  This course is especially great in today’s weak economy.  I say this because if you can’t find a job in this field, you have the option of creating your own!  Personally, this course makes me more skilled than my college degree.  I highly recommend this course.

What do you do in your “off” time?

Believe it or not, I love to write!  It’s a passion for me to express myself through words.  I also love doing research.  You gain such great knowledge when you research matters that are burning you with curiosity.  Aside from these two things, I like traveling.  It gives you a chance to explore a place and experience its impact on you!

Interview with SEO Copywriting Certification Grad, Laura Crest

Laura was born not with a silver spoon, but with a pen in her hand.  She has been writing since she can remember, from “what today was like” in her childhood journals to poetry, essays, graduate papers, and then white papers for non-profits to support herself as a graduate student at the University of Washington’s Institute for Marine Studies.  With a background in natural resource economics and journalism, Laura landed her very first gig while an undergraduate at Michigan State University, as an intern writer and editor for Michigan Natural Resources Magazine.

Fast forward to the present day: Laura began her own freelance copywriting career last fall, having completed AWAI-affiliated programs in direct response copywriting and web 2.0  (Michael Masterson and Nick Usborne, respectively).  But what really captured her creative and highly analytical mind was Heather Lloyd-Martin’s SEO Copywriting Certification training program.  It all clicked then, everything Laura had thus far learned about copywriting, from the big direct response and web-writing picture down to the dirty, search-engine, content marketing details:  SEO copwriting.  (BTW, Laura’s website, still in the rough: Writer At Work)

What SEO copywriting/content marketing projects are you working on now?

I hit the ground running, landing two clients before I could even flesh out my website, let alone catch my breath!  Presently, I am sub-contracted with a virtual assistance business as their SEO copywriter, website writer, and content marketing writer (articles, blogs, press releases, newsletters, etc.)  Another client needs a complete SEO rewrite of her entire (20+ page) site.  I’m presently negotiating with a third client to develop the content for her new website.  Needless to say, it’s kept me busy and most gratified!

What would you say are your biggest “take-aways” from the SEO Copywriting Certification training program?

Wow!  I would have to answer “all of the above.”  Seriously, Heather’s course is so comprehensive, so thorough, and yet so “hands-on” detailed”¦. Starting with the fundamentals of research, for instance.  This is a step most of us would just as soon skip.  Sounds like tedious work; and most people are nearly allergic to the word “research.”  But it is the absolute cornerstone of solid SEO copywriting, and the way that Heather explains it, it is a SIMPLE, EASY, smart, and efficient foundation for all that follows!  I don’t want to be a spoiler, but”¦by the end of the course, you ARE a top-echelon SEO copywriter, and can charge accordingly!!

So, the short answer:  it’s given me the know-how and confidence to pursue my career as one of the exclusive, elite group of professional, certified SEO copywriters, taught first-hand by the widely recognized SEO copywriting expert of our time!  And, I get to display the SEO Copywriting Certification Badge of Honor on my website (when I finally finish it!) and on my marketing materials.

What are your hobbies, interests, other passions?

I absolutely love all things green and marine.  I grew up fascinated by Jacques Cousteau and National Geographic, and studied natural science, environmental science, and marine science as a student at MSU and UW.  An unabashed Ansel Adams’ fan, I enjoy landscape, seascape, wilderness, and black-and-white/ tonal photography, thrive on wilderness hikes, and am deeply attached to the coasts — almost all coasts, but especially those of the Pacific Northwest and Michigan.  I love great literature, great thinkers, and great poetry, as well.

Interview with SEO Copywriting Certification Grad, Lacey Mizell

Lacey sharpened her writing skills while teaching English and journalism and honed her marketing skills during her career as Sales Manager with a major airline.  During her career with the airline, Lacey experienced “the joy of helping companies make money.”  She is currently a freelance writer specializing in SEO copywriting, and her services can be found at Best Biz Writer.  Lacey is also certified by the American Medical Writers Association.

What got you interested in SEO copywriting?

“I attended an AWAI web copywriting seminar and heard Heather’s SEO presentation. I knew that I needed more training. Heather is the pioneer in the field, so I enrolled in her program.  Knowing that most people turn on the computer while they are drinking their morning coffee was enough incentive.  I love to help companies make money, and the internet is the market place.”

What SEO copywriting/content marketing projects are you working on now?

I am working on two B2B projects right now.  I am writing the blog and a white paper for one company. In addition, I will be a consultant to the CEO when he writes his ebook.  For the other company, I will be working with a web design firm to completely redesign and rewrite their site.  Of course, they will want the copy written for SEO.

Which skill acquired from the SEO Copywriting Certification program have you found most helpful?

I find that knowing  the strategic locations for key words helps me avoid “keyword stuffing.”  Somehow, that helps me to write more naturally. Also, I enjoy working with the SEO firms to make the copy and the design work together to help visitors find what they are searching for and to encourage them to take action before clicking off the site.

What do you do in your free time?

Travel has always been my passion — that is what attracted me to the airline business — so I travel as much as possible.  I have been around the world a couple of times, but I never tire of seeing new places and new faces! English majors, of course, love to read. I am a history buff, so I read history, for the most part. Fortunately, I live near Houston, which  has a very active World Affairs Council, and I love to hear the eminent speakers and participate in the discussions.  (Of course, I also go to the gym!)

Interview with SEO Copywriting Certification Grad, Laura Armbruster

Laura Armbruster is pursuing her dream — to be a writer.  A geek at heart, she soon found her ideal niche in creating web content and search engine optimization.  She  has over 15 years of technical support management experience, along with consulting, project management, and customer service management.  She wants her clients to be cared for, and believes in a personalized experience, rather than “one size fits all.”

Laura founded Valuable Connections in 2007 after transitioning from her virtual assistance business.  She enjoys that search engine optimized web writing, social media, and internet marketing change regularly. “There is always something new to learn.  I love it!”

Laura is a board member for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and networks regularly throughout the Dallas area.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and a Masters in Professional Writing.

What are the most immediate, applicable tools or lessons you’ve employed from the SEO Copywriting Certification Training program?
There is so much great content in the SEO Copywriting Certification Training program that it is hard to pick only a few.  However, I will say that getting the documents to organize your keyword research are invaluable.  I use the tools, techniques, and best practices from this amazing program every day.  It is incredible how much there is to understand and apply to achieve SEO copywriting excellence!

This program has validated my expertise and given me the SEO copywriting badge of honor representing my dedication to the craft – a true value in helping potential clients understand why I would be the best choice for their SEO and web content needs.

Are you currently working on any SEO Copywriting (or content marketing) projects?
Always!  I have white label and joint venture partners that help me create new business and ensure that my clients receive a more robust set of services.  Recently I have been working with clients who are wanting to expand their businesses from Mexico to the U.S., which has created a unique set of challenges and taught me about some very interesting companies!

My clients are great folks who really understand and appreciate the value of solid content and good SEO to enhance their Internet marketing efforts. I’m also working on building a dream team of amazing service providers who can really crank up our clients’ online marketing while also sharing in a vision of quality and service.

What are your interests?
I have two great mastermind groups to help me continue growing my business.  I have a couple of e-book projects in the works and am working on ideas for passive income websites.  When I’m chilling, I usually hand with my awesome husband and pets.  I have two border collies who have lots of energy and need frequent play sessions.  I also have two cats who are under the impression that they are in charge and seem to be hungry all the time!  I enjoy spending time with family and friends, particularly at the the pool in the summer to escape the crazy Texas heat!

Any words for those considering taking the SEO Copywriting Certification Training program?
Don’t wait!  When Heather announced this program I took about 3 nanoseconds to decide to enroll. There are many SEO “experts” out there who do not understand how to market to customers, much less how to create solid content and SEO strategies.

This program combines the best information for SEO, online marketing tactics, and web copywriting, propelling you to a higher level than your competition. Not only will you understand SEO, but this program will give you a solid set of marketing skills to use in any business.  Plus, Heather has a fantastic teaching style that is friendly, fun, and makes even the most complicated concepts seem easy.  Don’t take even 3 nanoseconds — sign up today!


Interview With SEO Copywriting Certification Grad: Art Remnet

Greetings All! This Tuesday’s SEO Copywriting Certification Grad profile features Art Rement, an accomplished  SEO Copywriter and Principal at The Strategic Marketing Group,  and Owner of  MySitePDQ (I’d actually assumed that ‘PDQ’  was a complex application or something web-techie…but actually, it is a very simple acronym for “pretty dang quick!” No kidding)!  A self-proclaimed “techno-geek,” and an absolutely brilliant business person, Art has much to share with us.  So read on!

Tell Us About Yourself:

Even though I earned a business degree, I’ve really always been a techno-geek at heart. Never really much of a gamer, I have always loved creating databases, converting and relating data, and discovering the information locked inside the data. Sad, I know but nonetheless, the inner-geek.

So “way back in the 90’s” when access to the Internet started to become easier and faster, I found search and the evolving search strategies fascinating. It helped that they were a natural evolution of my interests and talents. So, I started creating websites so people and organizations could get their messages found.

I soon discovered most people do not like to write, especially about themselves or their businesses. This led me toward designing marketing plans and then creating the copy needed to support those plans. For a long while, I move away from developing websites for businesses and focused primarily on creating direct and on-line marketing plans that used the company’s website as the hub. The Strategic Marketing Group ( is the evolution of this process. The company focuses on developing measurable results from building reputation and creating relationships using social media and effective copy.

I recently launched to meet the demand of professional service organizations and coaches who want a website that is easy for them to maintain while not having to take the time to learn how to set it up. Many of these professionals currently write for newsletters and direct mail pieces, so they already have the content, just nowhere to put it and have no real SEO knowledge.

What prompted you to enroll in the SEO Copywriting Certification training program?

I have always been a big proponent of learning. Moreover, who better to learn from than one of the industry leaders and pioneers, Heather Lloyd-Martin? When I learned she was offering a certification course, I knew it would be first-class. This is a very solid three-month program that provides a great foundation for SEO Copywriting.

Beyond the learning, the SEO Copywriting profession needs a recognized certification program to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Business owners are being hit with SEO this and SEO that — the trouble is most of the SEO firms out there focus on the technical side of SEO. They are skilled at getting a site’s meta tags completed and building back links to the site.

Isn’t this important? Yes, absolutely.

But let me ask you this: what is the purpose of the business’ website? Isn’t it to convert in some way? Sign up for an offer or a newsletter? Request a quote or even buy something? Exactly.

Here’s the thing, all the best technical features will not convert visitors. It’s the content that converts. SEO copywriting combines the best direct marketing copywriting skills and practices with the knowledge of how to use keyword phrases to develop a site that will get found by those who are looking and convert them. Websites who use copy developed by writers who understand SEO and use industry best practices do not have to worry about the feared “Google Slap.” This is because these sites have web pages that provide valuable content to the site visitors. An industry recognized certification program will provide business owners with a first cut when looking for professionals to provide content and a comprehensive SEO plan for their website.

What SEO copywriting projects are you working on now?

I am presently working on six SEO copy projects in various stages. All of them present their own set of challenges and bring together different copywriters and designers. This keeps everyone focused on their aspect of each project, and allows us to serve more clients at the same time.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy photography. From expansive landscapes to spring flowers and from architecture to event photos — pictures that tell a story are something that really excites me. Typically, you find me with my trusty Nikon over my shoulder or at least nearby. When I’m not shooting or editing photos, I also enjoy reading, the outdoors, and civic engagement. I am a lifelong baseball fan and look forward to both college and pro football in the fall.

Is there anything you would like to share about your experience with the SEO Copywriting Training Program?

Heather’s SEO training and certification program is a giant first step toward learning about SEO. The field is constantly expanding and evolving. Keeping up with the changes is a big challenge and Io expect to see much more specialization as the field continues to be defined. The foundations of good SEO copywriting, however, will not change: Creating valuable content that provides value to the searcher in the way they think about it.

Interview with Pam Foster, SEO Copywriting Certification graduate

Pam Foster, Content Clear MarketingGreetings!

Today, we’re starting a new blog feature where each week we’ll feature a Certified SEO Copywriter. I’m pleased to introduce Pam Foster  – one of the first Certification graduates.

Pam is a Sr. Web Copywriter and SEO Consultant who worked in corporate communications roles for about 26 years before leaping into the freelance life in 2006. In 2008, she founded ContentClear Marketing to focus on providing web/SEO writing and strategy services to clients in a wide range of fields, but mainly education, ecommerce, publishing and the pet industry (B2B and B2C). She also has written two web copywriter training programs for AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.); teaching writers how to work with web clients and how to perform web content Site Audits. She’s currently working on a third AWAI program.

What got you interested in SEO Copywriting?

“I’ve been a marketing copywriter for quite some time, and a web copywriter for about 14 years.  SEO came along as a natural progression to my career.  Not only was my work involving web content and marketing strategy that work to drive sales results, but suddenly search engine results became just as critical a force a couple of years’ ago.  So I jumped in to learn how SEO copywriting could help each client a) find more prospects via search engines, and then b) thrill prospects and customers with a great website experience.”

What do you consider to be your biggest “take-away” from the certification program, in real-life terms?

“The biggest value of completing Heather’s program is credibility for my professional expertise. It’s an endorsement that I know what I’m doing. By stating that I’m a Certified SEO Copywriter and including the SuccessWorks badge on my site, I’m showing clients and prospects that I’m a dedicated professional who has worked hard to achieve distinction in this field. It conveys a strong message that I stand behind what I promise clients: I write ethical web/SEO content that follows the industry’s best practices so it will WORK. It’s an honor to have that badge on my site and my marketing materials.”

What SEO copywriting projects are you working on now?

“I’m currently working on a number of fun, challenging, and interesting SEO projects.  Two of my clients are doing major redesigns of their websites:  woo hoo!  One more is thinking about it.  Plus I’m about to kick off a big project with a scholastic testing/publishing company, and a veterinary B2B company just hired me to help them beat out their ‘500-pound gorilla’ competition.  I’m completing a site for a regional video and film company, and I’m continually looking for ways to boost the results of my own website (Content Clear) SEO efforts.”

What do you do in your free time?

“In my spare time, I read about business success (the latest book I’ve enjoyed immensely is RE WORK), I’m working with two “mastermind” groups to develop money-making websites as side businesses, I work out at the gym and enjoy summer activities, hang out with family, friends and my pets, and explore the great state of Oregon. Concerts are big, too. Just saw The Eagles and Crosby, Stills & Nash”¦ and I’ll see Ringo Starr in August. Also I’m traveling to Maine for a family vacation in August.”

Any words for those considering enrolling in the program?

“By taking this program, you will know exactly how SEO works, how to develop a smart keyphrase strategy, and how to apply the rules to any client website — with great results. You will become a powerful expert who knows how ‘the mysterious world of SEO’ works. This means you will rise to the status of an SEO consultant and guide; not just a web copywriter. Ultimately, you’ll be able to charge more for your work, so go for it!”

We have a winner – SEO Copywriting Certification training

Well, choosing the best entry was hard...

…But at the end of the day, the F. Scott Fitzgerald reference got to me.  Please join me for with a warm round of applause for Heather Georgoudiou from Revenue Performance! Starting today, she’s receiving a free subscription to the SEO Copywriting Certification training!

I caught up with Heather and asked her why she was excited to win (and she LOOKS excited in her photo, doesn’t she?). Heather said:

“Writing can be a difficult task. In order to succeed you need determination, encouragement, and solid advice. I’m very excited about the SEO copywriting program and learning the latest techniques from Heather Lloyd-Martin.  Thanks a million!”

Thank YOU, Heather – and to everyone who submitted their fantastic “why I want to be a Certified SEO copywriter” posts. You all rock!

Win a free subscription to the SEO Copywriting Certification training

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Here are the guidelines:

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