Customized SEO copywriting training

“We’ve read about SEO content creation and tried a few things. But we don’t know if we’re doing the right things the right way.  We need more than a book or a class.  We need a customized solution to get all our team members on the same page.

Does this sound like your in-house team?

You have a talented team full of marketing experts, copywriters and IT ninjas. You create great content and you know that you should be “writing for Google” – but you’re not quite sure what that means. You do know that your current site doesn’t have the positions you want and your content is probably to blame.

You may already have a keyphrase research document (although you may not be sure if you’re targeting the right keyphrases.) You may even be working with an SEO or agency to handle the technical side of your site. But when it comes down to setting a content strategy, choosing the right keyphrases and writing top-positioned copy, your team doesn’t have a clue. Heck, you don’t even know how to find the time for a content strategy.

In short, you need someone to take a complex topic and make it easy, accessible and fun.

I can help.

“There are many people who do speaking and training on search marketing, but Heather is one of the best. Her clear speaking style, with an emphasis on both what’s effective and what’s realistic in a business situation, is what differentiates her from the techno-speak that you usually get. Plus, she’s fun, which is even better. I’ve worked with Heather on several speaking engagements, and would jump to do so again. Don’t miss your chance to work with her.” – Mike Moran, Chief Strategist at Converseon, previously the Distinguished Engineer and Manager of Web Experience, IBM

I’ve trained many companies just like yours. Companies that never thought that they could successfully “win” the search engine game. Before my training, folks have typically put in a lot of time already. They’ve downloaded the free guides, checked out some blog posts – maybe even attended a conference. But learning how to write for traffic is just too much to figure out on top of everything else they have to do.

Then, they attend one of my seminars. Halfway into the training, I see light bulbs switching on and smiles getting bigger. People realize how easy it is to write solid Titles and drive more traffic to their site. They see how simple it is to tighten up their sales copy and make more money. They explore all the fun, ethical ways they can weave keyphrases into their writing and start seeing top search engine positions. They see success.

“DEMCO has recently launched multiple product landing pages. I believe a large part of the success of these pages (an average of 27% lift!) was due to the work and advice from Heather Lloyd-Martin. I highly recommend Heather and her company for the success of your own web site!” – Pete Williams, DEMCO Media Services Manager

Do you have print copywriters that you need to transform into savvy online SEO copywriters? I can customize a training for you.

Does your marketing team write fantastic online content, but “SEO content writing” is a needed skill set? No problem. I can build on their skills and help them master SEO writing best practices.

Has your team been resistant to learning the SEO ropes and you need a trainer to modify their mindset? I can help your team see the SEO light and learn to love keyphrases.

I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned over 17+ years as an SEO copywriting expert, break everything down into baby-steps, and show you how to manage your  SEO content marketing strategy. You’ll be able to pick my brain for hours and help you figure out your most challenging problem.

And that light bulb above your head will burn bright by the end of the training. And keep burning.

On-site at your location? Great! Webinar? Fine! Want to fly to my office in Portland, OR? Let’s set it up. Check out a common SEO copywriting training plan here.

Or, we can completely customize a package just for your company – contact us for details and prices.

Heather trained our entire marketing team, both writers and web designers, so we were all on the same page. We were able to start our SEO efforts immediately after finishing training. We devised a plan to divide and conquer, and we are realistic in the length of time it will take to fine tune each page, considering we have more than 400 pages on our site.

However, as a test, we did make immediate changes to keywords on specific pages, and those pages are now ranked in the first position, first page by major search engines. We even outranked our supplier!

Heather is a great teacher, easy to understand, and obviously helped us produce results.” – Mary Strauss, VP Marketing, Mainline Information Systems

Let’s explore your goals, your current strategies and your needs. Give me a call at (503) 476-1065 or contact me today.  I’m ready to help your team, today.