How to be an SEO copywriter: The ultimate guide for beginners

Thinking about starting a career in SEO copywriting?

Here’s a reality check.

Making a living as a copywriter (whether you work in-house or freelance from home) is hard work.

First, there’s a learning curve – it takes some time to master SEO copywriting best practices. Second, you’ll need to keep up with (and understand the ramifications of) the search engine’s ever-changing whims. Plus, you need to know how to write. Really well.

But you know what else…?

Working as an SEO copywriter is incredibly fun.

Once you master the best practice basics (and yes, you can do it!) you can work from anywhere, choose your clients and make a darn good income. If you love working in a fast-moving industry that’s filled with brilliant folks – SEO copywriting is a perfect choice. I’ve been working from home as a SEO copywriter for over 14 years – and it’s been a blast.

Wondering if SEO copywriting is the right career for you? These 15 posts will give you a small taste of the SEO copywriter’s life. Enjoy!

Considering a career in SEO copywriting? Check these posts out first:

Want to be an SEO copywriter? Check out these FAQs. Here’s a list of the most common questions I get about launching an SEO copywriting career. Good resource for folks who want to work from home or in-house.

What does an SEO copywriter do, anyway?  Learn how SEO copywriters are an important part of SEO and social media success.

Want to be an SEO copywriter? Here’s how to do it! If you’re new to this field, this post can help you figure out what to do first.

SEO copywriting vs. social media writing: What’s the difference? Do you love blogging and feel so-so about writing sales copy? Use your SEO copywriting skills to write for social media. Here’s the difference between the two writing styles.

How to make money as a freelance SEO copywriter. Wondering what to charge for your freelance writing services? Let this video be your guide.

The business side of starting a freelance SEO shop. You may know how to write jaw-dropping online copy. But if you don’t have the “business side” of your business sewn up, you’ll leave money on the table.

Knowing how to successfully work with clients is crucial. Here are some things to consider:

When should you hire newbie SEO copywriters? Brand-new to the industry and wondering what clients are looking for? Here’s more information on what to expect.

When to hire intermediate-level SEO copywriters. Looking for higher-level SEO copywriting work with higher per-page fees? You’ll need certain skills to command a higher rate. Here’s what clients are looking for.

How to land more clients with a killer proposal. Get some great guidelines around how to create proposals that win clients.

Your client is wrong. Now what? Your client is asking for something that you know will hurt their SEO copywriting campaign. Here’s how to handle it.

Don’t assume your clients need you. News flash: you are not irreplaceable no matter how good you are.  This great guest post by Amy Teeple tells you why.

Are you making your clients fire you? Don’t sabotage your success!  Learn what not to do when you start your SEO copywriting shop.

Living the freelance online SEO copywriter’s life has it’s ups and downs. Here’s a reality check.

Surviving the business dark times. Running a business can be scary. Here’s some perspective.

3 cures for freelance writers burnout. For those days when the thought of writing another blog post makes you want to stick pencils in your eye.

Overcoming the overwhelm monster. Being busy is a good thing, but it can also cause you to burn out fast. Here’s how to avoid overwhelm in your freelance copywriting career.

What resources would you add to the list?

Want to start your career in SEO copywriting, but need specialized training? Check out the SEO Copywriting Certification training course.

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