A shout out from the Great White North!

Snow Forest

Greetings from the chilly, snowy Great White North of Canada! I’m Aimee Beck, Director of Search Strategies with SuccessWorks Search Marketing, Inc. And while I say chilly, snowy … it’s actually rainy and dreary at the moment. But I digress…

From the onset of my SEO copywriting career about five years ago, I’ve learned a ton of stuff. And I mean a ton. Not only did I manage to transform my once very raw writing talent into a highly refined skill, I also picked up a wealth of info about the search industry as a whole. It’s been quite the ride and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next! So when Heather presented me with the chance to write about all sorts of useful SEO topics here on SEOcopywriting.com, I jumped at the opp. I can’t think of a better way to give thanks to those that helped me along the way than to pay it forward!

But I didn’t really hit the ground running the way I’d hoped. I started to think about everything I could write about-and it gave me a serious brain cramp. With so many hot topics to cover, and so much information randomly rattling around inside my head, the question was, “OK, so where do I start?” After a healthy dose of ibuprofen, and a metaphorical slap in the face (yep, whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you still get overwhelmed), I started to reel my thoughts back in to figure out the best way to umm… uhhh… articulate (ya that’s the word) the methods to my madness. Muuhahahaha…

Here’s what you’ll learn from me:

Stop the Insanity-SEO Style! Going back to the Susan Powter method of keeping things simple, I’ll uncover some truths and debunk some popular myths about SEO copywriting-my goal here is to take you back to basics eliminating any bad habits.

Be afraid, be very afraid. I’ll talk about the often feared, often overlooked geek-speak of Metadata (or Meta tags). It’s not really scary, I promise.

Crafting Killer Copy. You’ll gain insider secrets, tips “˜n tricks on how to write sizzling copy without frying your brain in the process.

What’s in a word? I’ll show you how to unleash the power of in-depth keyword/keyphrase research.

Solid Site Strategy. This is my favourite part-digging deep into the potential of a website to uncover site-wide strategies proven to boost rankings and improve conversions.But wait…there’s more! At least there will be more…soon. So stay tuned-I’ll be back with all kinds of cool info for SEO copywriters in the upcoming weeks. Until then… Aimee, out.

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