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7 Steps to SEO Copywriting SuccessSES Chicago was one fun conference.

For the first time this year, audience members seemed hopeful. Maybe it’s because 2009 is drawing to a close. Maybe it’s because the recession is (finally) unhinging it’s iron-locked jaws off everyone’s pocketbooks. Whatever the reason, the SEO copywriting session I did with @byronwhite was darn near standing-room only. Not to mention, the audience was fantastic!

For those who missed it, here’s my presentation from the “45 Minute Copywriting Boot Camp” session. Enjoy!

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  1. herretoej
    herretoej says:

    I own 4 blog sites. Your presentation on SEO copyrighting is good. I downloaded it and will inform them to my co-workers. We always used to have a friendly tiff regarding SEO copyrighting. Hope I can easily talk with them through your presentation.

  2. Rahman Mehraby
    Rahman Mehraby says:

    Insightful post! I must say you’ve wrapped it up very beautifully.

    The most interesting point to me was the fact that we should forget about those so-called secret demystifying geeks trying to say that they know something many others don’t!

    I think writing, publishing and distributing useful keyword-rich content on a regular consistent and persistent manner can help one’s ranking in search engines a lot. You’ve also put this within your presentation skillfully.


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