Why SEO is a sure and profitable copywriting niche

SEO and content marketing are here to stay, and more and more businesses than ever are recognizing, investing in, and outsourcing SEO copywriting talent!

For us, a most excellent news flash!! (Or more like an affirmation/confirmation)

Just the other day, Marketing Sherpa published its Chart of the Week, which clearly indicates that companies are planning to spend the biggest chunk of their outsourced marketing dollars on SEO, even more so than on Public Relations.

MarketingSherpa.com Chart of the Week
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New Chart: Outsourcing Plans for Key Marketing Functions

MarketingSherpa.com Chart of the Week

So as a copywriter, you have to ask yourself: in which niche do I specialize?  Duh!  No-brainer!  Go for SEO and reap the low-hanging fruit!

If you haven’t already, enter your 75 words describing why you’d like to be an SEO Copywriter for a free pass to my SEO Certification Training Program!  A $599 value for the only recognized SEO Certification Program around!

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Know your audience! It’s the key to good persuasive writing. In what other writing niche do you have to focus so tightly on the actual language your readers use? Where else are you challenged to provide the most helpful information AND the best argument for taking a specific action? SEO copywriting requires what I love to do: Using good research to create substantial, relevant information that flows seamlessly into a powerful call to action.

  2. Austin
    Austin says:

    Certification is about credibility and raising the standards of online copywriting. Throw up a website and call yourself a copywriter – done. That just leads to more junk on the web and there is more than enough of that. I want more for myself and my clients. I want more clients so I never have to return to working for attorneys where I’ve spent the last 20 years. I want Success to Work in my life.

  3. Josh Garner
    Josh Garner says:

    I couldn’t agree more. When we hit our ups (several time a year) we often look for copywriters out on the webernets. Unfortunately, we have to sift through a lot of people before we find someone we feel comfortable with.

    If you’re a copywriter, you make a list. If you have any SEO background, you go to the top of the list. If you are professional, you get work. At the end of it, there are literally dozens of people deleted all together. Just a little SEO experience (or even desire) is all it takes to make a list sometimes.

    And think of your resume (if you’re looking for a full time gig). I remember needing to hire a copywriter just a few short years ago. It was simply understood that the SEO would be the one optimizing the content once created. Now, it’s required that you have some SEO knowledge on your resume to land a decent job.

    Then there’s the demand. One project at SEO Factor requires at the most 2 SEOs. For such a project to require that many SEOs, there must be a pretty big plan going on. Our plans usually revolve around content. So, we need a whole lot of copy. More than 2 copywriters could handle appropriately.

    You guys have the light now, make sure the view is good.

  4. Gina
    Gina says:

    I am so ready for SEO Certification after countless hours and months of circling the Internet—researching and pursuing possibilities in SEO copywriting, believing SEO writing is indeed “real” writing and then finally making acceptable pay, which is still not enough to justify my hours, efforts and the positive feedback I receive. This opportunity feels like arriving to the gate for high-level success, after too many back alleyways. I could pursue “green” SEO content copywriting.


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