Win a free 3-month subscription to the SEO Copywriting Certificate program!

It’s that time of year. I’ve been sick in bed for five days now (yes, FIVE days) and I’m doing everything I can to feel better. Then I realized – what other way to feel better than by giving away a free, 3-month subscription to my SEO Copywriting Certificate program?

(Not familiar with the Certificate program? Check out the fantastic SEO Copywriting training course review by Ken Horst and the good folks at TopRank Marketing.)

So, here’s what I’m going to do:

Comment on this post and tell me in 75 words or less how receiving a Certificate in SEO copywriting will improve your career and boost your bottom line. So…

If you’re an in-house copywriter or marketer, how would earning a Certificate help your career and your company?

If you’re a freelance Web writer, how would a Certificate transform your business and drive income?

If you’re a journalist, how could learning the SEO copywriting ropes help you gain more readers and improve your online writing skills?

Make sense?

Here are the “rules.”

1. The contest runs from today (November 16th) through November 23rd at 5 p.m. PT.  The winner will be announced on November 24th.

2. Only one entry per person, please. Thank you.

3. If you send me an email telling me why you should win on top of commenting on this post, I will ignore your entry. ONLY blog comments will count as entries.

4. The prize has no cash value.

5. No purchase is necessary.

6. Please make sure that you provide your email address. Otherwise, I can’t contact you to tell you that you’ve won!

7. The winner agrees to let me use their name/picture in future promotional materials.

That’s it!

Let the commenting begin… 🙂

26 replies
  1. Lee Schwarz
    Lee Schwarz says:

    College degree or high school diploma- which carries more weight?

    Certified SEO Copywriter or SEO Wannabe… Hmmm.

    In 90 days after winning, the SEO Diva’s prestigious seal of approval will be on everything I do. I plan to use it to build up my client base with enough continuity income to replace what my wife makes, so she can live the writer’s life too.

    My wife thanks you in advance.

  2. Scott
    Scott says:

    Much as a college diploma shows the world that you can be trained to contribute to society, the SEO Copywriting Certificate alerts future and current clients that I have the understanding necessary to help them succeed. Far too many people say that they can help businesses turn the corner; the Certification program adds a layer of grounded reality to my claims to improve a company’s client interactions and therefore will advance my bottom line success.

  3. Morgan Hurley
    Morgan Hurley says:

    I was raised by a newspaper editor father, began writing for his paper at 12, had a regular column from 15-18. Went to college & took more journalism courses before joining the Navy to get a career. Journalism in the Navy was full, so I took computers, figuring it would be a necessary trade. The whole time I was in the Navy I wrote wrote wrote (instructions, User Manuals, etc) however and whenever I could, even as editor of our command newspaper.

    My civilian jobs since then have all been computer based but I’ve always been the writer; I’ve always been the go-to person for marketing copy, or tech manuals or User manuals (rather dry but still writing!) My almost completed degree in English got put on hold 12 years ago because I took custody of my nephews to safeguard and put them through school. I’ve spent my life paying my bills in computer related world – but my passion is writing. The last 14 years have been spent in IT related sales, which after many years of bolstering success, are currently dwindling for the speciality area I am in. I’m ready to launch into the career that I crave.

    The last year I’ve been writing and copyediting for an online news source (mostly as a hobby there is little to no pay) and freelancing. I’d love to finally be able to completely switch gears and the SEO Copywriting Certificate program could help me do that. It would prove to others (and indeed, myself) that I can switch careers at 50, after doing for others most of my life. It is now time for me, and my writing career.

    I’ve telecommuted from home the last nine years for corporations but the SEO Copywriting Certificate Program would give me the confidence to start my own freelancing business from home – or the golden feather in my cap to search for a skilled position with a company. I know how to write, edit, research, etc. But this certificate program will definitely smooth my edges and offer me a clear path for success.

  4. Ashley R.
    Ashley R. says:

    Hi Heather!

    I have been following you for quite some time, ever since I discovered you at PubCon 2008. (Saw you speak at the 2010 content creation panel and enjoyed it too!)

    I believe that gaining an SEO copywriting certification through your training program will bring value to my company by helping us boost our SEO visibility and conversion rates for our air treatment product pages, brand pages, and category pages. I also think it will propel my copywriting to a new level that showcases our site’s originality and unique voice while positioning us as knowledge and solution providers in our field.

    In addition, I also hope to share what I will learn through your program with the rest of our content staff. Together, we will all work toward increasing conversions and visibility for our products with our revamped SEO copywriting strategy. I believe this training will also help us collaborate easier and more productively with our in-house SEO team.

    Thanks for offering this contest!

  5. Charity
    Charity says:

    As a marketer, the training would allow me and my company to offer this service to our clients which should increase relevant traffic to their websites, and ultimately increase both the client and my company’s revenue.

    Having the training, it would provide more job security and I would become more attractive when looking for a job especially since marketing has changed over the last decade due to the Internet.

    Thank you!

  6. Elise Connors
    Elise Connors says:

    I can only imagine the possibilities that await me should I be given 3 months of access to your course. I will be able to pursue my passion of writing as an supplement to my full-time income. Many talk about increasing their income (which is very important – because money makes the world go ’round). How many can speak to a true passion for writing though? I love to write — so much so that I would do it if I didn’t receive one red cent. The opportunity to turn this passion/hobby into a career is exactly what I will be able to do upon receiving certification.

    On top of that, I will promote your blog/course using the writing skills I have gained from your course.

  7. Derek Cromwell
    Derek Cromwell says:

    I could speak of money, better business, improved marketing and the Utopian networking I’d achieve but I think it’s prudent to point out how certification would improve the career of others. I’m expanding and certification would make the expansion easier – including hiring new employees. This certification would help me add more jobs to the down economy in Michigan, passing the knowledge on through training, setting those individuals up for a strong career of their own.

  8. Diane Kulseth
    Diane Kulseth says:

    As a graduating college senior working in the search marketing realm, I would love to continue my learning of Search Engine Optimization and the copywriting involved. I have been a writer all my life, and have found the SEO Copywriting blog to be quite useful. A 3 month subscription to the SEO Copywriting certificate course would not only greatly benefit a “poor college student” like myself, but further jumpstart my career. Thanks for considering me!

  9. Jack
    Jack says:

    The phrase “teach a man to fish” comes to mind.

    With the knowledge your course provides, I will be better equipped to rid the world of gems like: “home”, “download now”, and my favorite “click here”.

    Help me Heather!

  10. Nina
    Nina says:

    Well, first let me say I hope you get better. In reference to getting the SEO Certification, I will be more confident in my ability to promote my SEO writing Services. The certification will add instant credibilty, and since I will receiv…e training, it will really position me as a true expert in my clients eyes. That way I can charge more and not feel guilty about my fees. I’ll be able to approach companies who have large budgets and are willing to pay me a handsome fee. Because when I increase a company’s bottom line, they increase mine.

  11. Sharie Orr
    Sharie Orr says:

    What an awesome opportunity for the winner… 🙂
    Your name has risen to the top of the list as the go-to expert in SEO copywriting.

    While I know I can write, obviously the credibility issue is a huge one for potential clients. Having this certification is sure to open doorways that I can then walk through with confidence.

    Winning this would transform a new writer’s business into a top-notch seo writing service, benefiting both the companies served, and even the wider community, as one more family gets back on its feet.
    Best to all~

    (Eek! I’ve pared it down to 93 words. Sorry!)

  12. Lisbeth Tanz
    Lisbeth Tanz says:

    Three words come to mind:

    Credibility: An SEO certificate carries a lot of weight with business owners looking for a copywriter.

    Visibility – “SEO Copywriter” in my title tags and on my site would give me a much-needed SE boost.

    Scalability – I also teach business owners how to write for themselves. Weaving additional SEO info into my article marketing and repurposing courses could dramatically impact the results they experience as they begin their writing journey. Win-win!

  13. Joseph McCullough
    Joseph McCullough says:

    Ranking without bullshit copy makes the world a better place. But it’s okay if you choose someone else…I’ll just back to writing about my web design, website design, website designing, web designing, logo web design website designer designing company.

    Most likely, this comment will cause this page to rank above my own.


  14. Denise
    Denise says:

    As a Spiritual Adviser who is still pretty new to SEO and marketing, I feel this will be a wonderful opportunity to expand my SEO knowledge.
    The information acquired will allow me to reach more clients that are in need of my services.
    I am seeking knowledge that will ultimately be power for changing the lives of so many others.
    The SEO Copywriting will allow me to become a greater presence in online marketing and information sharing.
    Thank you for taking the time to consider my entry.
    Good luck everyone!

  15. Tim
    Tim says:

    I am relatively new to SEO and I recently moved into SEO full-time. I am currently in the process of writing and editing my own web copy. In addition, my largest SEO client is in need of a complete website rewrite and I need the experience. After a few conversations with different people, I have a shot at getting a test contract and I want to knock their socks off. I need your help.

  16. Matt E.
    Matt E. says:

    As a newly full-time, freelance copywriter, the information gained from your certificate course and the certificate itself would help me gain a competitive edge in gaining new clients and better meet the needs of my clients. As an active reader of your blog and newsletter, I see that you have tons of information to pass on that will greatly improve my writing for the web and the certificate adds credibility.

    Hoping you well soon.

  17. Mercy Mathews
    Mercy Mathews says:

    Heather, here’s why I need this!

    S – SAVE $599 ?
    E – EDUCATE myself in the latest techniques
    O- OPTIMIZE content the right way

    C – CREATE a winning business
    O – OGLE at my own copy with pride!
    P – Win PROJECTS
    Y – Gain from 20+ YEARS of experience
    W – WRITE convincing copy that sells
    R – RETURN the favor in some way, some day ?
    I – INTERACT with a reputed writer
    T – Drive TRAFFIC
    I – Create INTEREST in quality writing
    N -Say NO to cheap rates
    G – Get GOOGLE smart!

  18. Scott Miller
    Scott Miller says:


    As the next Certified SEO Copywriting superhero, I will use my powers for good and not evil.

    After Commissioner Lloyd-Martin presents my cape and mask(in a private ceremony to protect my true identity), I’ll protect Gotham and the world from the likes of The Joker, Catwoman and other charlatans with fiendish plots, who promise small business owners number one Google rankings by dinnertime and instant millions for a song.

    Holy run-on sentence, SEOMan!

  19. Kristina Stiffler
    Kristina Stiffler says:


    What a fun contest! Hope you’re feeling better…

    As a freelancer who works in B2B, my goal is to give my clients great advice and help them create websites that sell. This course would give me one more tool to do exactly that.

  20. Heather
    Heather says:

    Hello, everyone!

    Wow, what fantastic entries!

    First, a huge thank you to everyone who submitted their entry! You guys rock!

    I really had to think about this. All of the entries are great, and a few really stood out…

    But the honor (and prize) must go to Mercy Mathews. I can’t help it, but I think of high school cheer club every time I read her entry…

    “Give me an S…give me an E…give me an O…what do we have? SEO copywriting!!!”

    And because her entry (and that cheer) has stuck with me ever since I read it – well, Mercy, you’re the winner!

    Thanks for your entry, everyone!

    Interested in the Certificate training? Remember, you’ll receive 30% off the price if you sign up for the SEO Copywriting newsletter and purchase within 30 days! Let me know if you have any questions – thanks!

  21. Lisbeth Tanz
    Lisbeth Tanz says:

    Congratulations, Mercy! I remember thinking when I read your entry, “Darn – wish I’d thought of that! I bet she’ll win.” Well done! I’m taking a lesson away from this. Thank you, Heather for the contest and the possibility of winning something terrific!

  22. mercymathews
    mercymathews says:

    It still hasn’t sunk in that I actually won!! 🙂 Heather, thanks a million for picking my entry. The other posts were excellent I must say! I just started on the course this morning and I can already tell that it’s going to be awesome! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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