Are you afraid ChatGPT – or another AI-assistant content generator – will take your freelance writing job?

Some clients – even yours –  may find it easier and cheaper to work with a robot.  Especially if they consider you “just a writer” – and not a strategic member of their team.
That's why I'm sharing my latest guide, "10 Ways to AI-Proof Your Writing Career."

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Learn what clients need from experienced SEO content consultants in today's ChatGPT world.


Find out about Google’s stance on AI-produced content and what it means to your clients.


Discover how to position yourself as a highly-paid SEO content consultant.

Learn how to to showcase your value differently

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Smart SEO writers and AI-assisted tools can happily coexist – if you AI-proof your business.

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"I really appreciate how approachable you are and how clearly you explain everything. Best investment I ever made in my copywriting career was your training!"

Cris Johnson
Copywriter & Content Writer
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"Heather: I can't thank you enough for helping me get certified in SEO copywriting and what it did for me and my professional life. It's been life-changing both professionally and financially, and I've earned back my investment a thousand times over." 

Dorit Sasson
Writing coach and author
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“I love the course and this is going to definitely be my main content and news source for SEO updates.”

Yesica Guerra