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Don't just get customers – keep them

You’ve most likely seen offers from cable companies, mobile phone carriers, and internet providers that promise amazing value and service.
But what happens if you are already a customer and you want to get these deals? Typically you hear, “No. These are for new customers only.”
So much for rewarding loyalty!
Is your content marketing strategy the phone […]

Baby, it's cold outside … or is it?

The other day, my iHeartRadio app alerted me that it just added a playlist that was “perfect for staying warm on a snow day.”
That’s great, except I live in San Diego and it reached 80 degrees that day.
I know that I am in the minority when it comes to weather in the country. (I’m also […]

Make a date with your content

These days, distractions are everywhere. One of the biggest culprits is your smartphone. Texts, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, games, YouTube, news updates, and numerous apps all distract you throughout the day.
It seems that these things have become more than a distraction. You may feel as though you are missing out on something if […]