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Who’s stealing your Web content?

Years ago, I had the not-fun feeling of seeing an article I had written sitting on a competing SEO company’s site (which will remain nameless.) The article was posted as if the SEO company wrote it. There was no byline, no link back to my site, no nothing.
I was pissed.
What’s worse is that the aforementioned […]

Ten common SEO copywriting myths

During every conference, someone comes up to me and says, “I’ve heard that you can…” – and proceeds to tell me about a spammy technique that they “just learned” or a brilliant idea that their IT department “just thought of.”
There are a lot of SEO copywriting myths out there. It’s scary, actually.
During SMX West, Jill […]

Don’t confuse fluffy “marketease” with good SEO copywriting

It’s true that customers don’t want to read your B.S. But they do expect good copywriting.
In Tim’s latest article, Cut Out the B.S. to Increase Conversions,” Tim discusses “marketease,” saying, “Unfortunately, your landing page was probably written in this kind of over-the-top promotional style. It usually involves a lot of boasting and unsubstantiated claims. […]