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TF-IDF Killed The Copywriting Spam

Note: If you want to play with TF-IDF, download this spreadsheet. The first tab is a simple TF-IDF calculator. Enter the occurrences of a word, the words in each document, total documents and the number of documents containing the phrase. It does the rest. The second tab demonstrates falling TF-IDF as documents containing a phrase goes up.
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Just write! Ian Lurie on why you have to, even if you think you don’t

Ian Lurie is Chief Marketing Curmudgeon and President at Portent Interactive, an internet marketing company he started in 1995. Ian started practicing SEO in 1997, and has been addicted ever since.  As a steadfast fan of Ian’s candid and wicked-smart expertise, I’m delighted to feature his words of wisdom today.  – Heather
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