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It’s your Penguin 2.1 wake-up call!

Oh, wait – you didn’t request one? With link spammers still running rampant around the Web, we probably should start requesting Penguin updates! Released Oct. 4, Google’s Penguin 2.1 seeks and destroys any site still using link spam as an Internet-traffic tactic. Blindsided by the update? I’m sure you weren’t sitting in a dark lair […]

How to thrive post-Hummingbird: A guide for SEO content creators

Like, whoa! In case you’ve missed the Internet the past couple weeks, Google overhauled it’s entire search algorithm with Hummingbird. Did the Hummingbird update kill SEO copywriting? No. But now, marketing departments and freelance writers have more room to move in their SEO content creation efforts. Additionally, the “old way” of creating keyword-stuffed content is […]

SEO Copy Manager Richard Hostler talks in-house SEO copywriting

Brookstone SEO Copy Manager and Ironman (he completed the triathlon in July), Richard Hostler takes time out of his work, and workout, schedule to answer our in-house SEO copywriting questions. Brookstone has such a great “voice” for product descriptions. How was this style developed, and what do you recommend to other in-house copy teams who […]