Don’t confuse fluffy “marketease” with good SEO copywriting

No fluffy SEO copywritingIt’s true that customers don’t want to read your B.S. But they do expect good copywriting.

In Tim’s latest article, Cut Out the B.S. to Increase Conversions,” Tim discusses “marketease,” saying, “Unfortunately, your landing page was probably written in this kind of over-the-top promotional style. It usually involves a lot of boasting and unsubstantiated claims. If your company is the “world’s leading provider” of something, you are in good company.”

I would agree that this kind of writing is “marketease” – or what I have called “fluffy copy.” Surf for five minutes, and you’ll see fluffy copy-filled sites everywhere. Headlines scream, “We’re the best” and the copy shouts, “We’re the worlds largest!” You’ll see lots of bolded type, exclamation points and used-car salesperson hype. But you won’t see anything that will make you want to buy.

However, this is not good copywriting. Good copywriting uses facts – not fluff. It does not scream “we’re the best,” unless there is a third-party testimonial to back it up. It does not hide the product under the weight of so many words that readers can’t see the benefits. Fluffy copy reads horribly, sounds smarmy and people tend to distrust it. Like Tim implies, it increases the reader’s cognitive load.

Some copy is meant to be informative. Other copy is meant to be persuasive. The key is writing the right copy with the right tone and feel that the reader wants to read at that moment.

So focus your site on writing good copy. It’s OK to put “power words” in your headlines – a compelling headline leads to greater conversions. Yes, use benefit statements. If you are the “world’s best something,” go ahead and say it – if you can back it up. But yes, stay away from fluff. Your readers (and your conversions) will thank you.

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