Daily SEO copywriting candy: Control what you can

Candy bricksThere’s rain and grey skies – and then there’s this!  Greetings on a very dreary Monday morning here in Portland, OR.  Am I upset? Hell no!  Grey, rainy days are the best business-planning days. I enjoy reviewing goals and asking myself, “Am I on track? Is there anything else that I could be doing better?”  However, the big challenge for everyone is: How can we do better when we feel like there’s so much we can’t do a darn thing about. The economy is sluggish. Customers aren’t buying. It’s easy to get so caught up in what you can’t do that you forget what you can control – like your SEO copywriting campaign.

If you’re wondering what you can do now to gain control, right now (or at least feel a little better,) check out today’s Daily Candy posts.

  • So many small businesses believe that “everyone is in our target market.”  The problem is, that statement is definitely not true – and makes writing highly-specific copy with laser-focused benefits darn near impossible.  If you skipped the “who’s really our market” step – or if the economy has completely changed the marketing game for you, discover how understanding your buyer personas can make you more money (really!)
  • Anyone who knows me knows that I talk (a lot) about controlling the controllables. During a time that’s stressful at best – and terrifying at worst – it’s easy to think that business is in a free-fall and there’s nothing you can do. Enter this article by Sean D’Souza. Try this for one day: Instead of freaking out about your Website, why not do something about it. Write an article. Do keyword research. Plan an editorial calendar. Trust me. You’ll feel a little bit better.
  • Some small businesses suffer from size envy. Rather than embracing their smallness and rocking it out, they put on big business airs (that, trust me, don’t fool anyone.)  Mike Moran discusses how making your company look larger than it really is can be a bad thing…
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  1. Newt Barrett says:

    Thanks so much for the link reference back to our site.
    Sometimes I think that the smaller the company, the bigger they think their target market and set of services should be. And, trying to explain how off base that is to a solopreneur can be pretty darned challenging.


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