Daily SEO copywriting candy: DIY SEO copywriting

Candy houseDoes your company keep your SEO copywriting in-house?

For a large number of companies, DIY SEO copywriting makes perfect sense. These companies may have existing print or online copywriters on staff – so it’s easy to train them in the SEO copywriting fundamentals.  However, bringing SEO copywriting in-house is much harder for smaller businesses, Typically, small businesses “promote” someone to blog editor or SEO copywriter who may not have a lot of SEO copywriting experience. These companies may not have the time or resources to train their new writer. Whatever the copywriter learns is on her own – through forums, books and blog posts.

Which would be OK. If most of the SEO copywriting information out there was…oh, I don’t know…accurate. Case in point: If I see another “keyword density” article pop up on Twitter, I may just go ballistic.

(Side self-promotional note: We’ll be releasing a small business SEO copywriting online training program in just a couple short weeks. Stay tuned!)

So, for those folks forced into an in-house DIY SEO copywriting frenzy, here are some good back-to-basics blog posts by some must-follow experts.

  • Being a “blog editor” sounds a little sexy, doesn’t it? But is it easy?  Well, not exactly. Editing a blog takes a lot of organization, planning and good old-fashioned hard work. If you’ve been thrown into a new editorial role, learn what an executive blog editor needs to know.
  • Who says that SEO copywriting isn’t creative? Sure, if you’ve been taught that SEO copywriting is nothing but keyphrase (comma) keyphrase (comma) keyphrase (comma,) SEO copywriting would seem pretty dull. The truth is, writing for the search engines is just as inspired and fun as any other kind of writing. If you think that SEO copywriting is dullsville, learn how to take the creative approach.
  • Is your company just now jumping on the blog bandwagon (or are you tasked with working with the existing blog and have no idea what to do?). Sometimes, a back-to-basics slap is what you need. For those of you who weren’t at Search Engine Strategies, this article (another one from Online Marketing Blog) provides some great blog writing, publishing and promotion basics.

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