Daily SEO copywriting candy: February 10, 2009

jellybeanThis just in: It’s a balmy +8 degrees in Southwestern Ontario.

And now we go to Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa for an exclusive look inside the online marketing world of search engine optimization.

Oh dear, I’m losing it. You know you have a hardcore case of the “Februarys” when you start mocking and mimicking the Family Guy news team. I’m just in such a happy, smiley mood. But I digress ;-) Back to reality, here are today’s top picks — enjoy!

  • Cheetos Boredom Busters: Blog visitors will notice a plethora of Cheetos-related content over the next six weeks thanks to Federated Media. Nine selected blogs will take part in the Cheetos sponsorship program created to promote the concept of having more fun at work. Have you seen them on Boing Boing, Mashable or Indy Mogul? Tell us what you think about the Cheetos “distractions/time-wasters.”
  • Which Headline Works Best? Ah yes, as marketing writers we’re always seeking to compose that perfect headline. We push boundaries, we test headlines, we measure results. It’s a work in progress. Read Bob Bly’s latest blog post and share your thoughts on which of the two headlines works better.
  • 25 Random Things About Search Marketing — I love it! In keeping with my own parody theme, check out David Roth’s recent Facebook spin-off  of the 25 Random Things game, which, as he says, “is plaguing the social media-sphere.” You’ve been tagged!
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