Daily SEO copywriting candy: February 17, 2009


Welcome back to the real world — and a happy belated Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and Family Day to my fellow Canadians. Let’s dive right back in with some SEO copywriting candy :)

  • Recession Proof Search Engine Optimization Tips: There has been some recent buzz on certain SEM channels about future difficult economic times calling for SEO to be taken back to the basics: “Textbook SEO.” On the flip side, some are also saying that “effective SEO in any economic environment means getting more creative, not mundane.” What do you think — back to basics, or forward-thinking creativity?
  • Speaking of the recession, I found a very interesting article with some staggering statistics about media budget cut backs. According to Rupal Parekh, “The List of Those Cutting Marketing Budgets Reads Like a Roll Call of the Top Advertisers. Worse Still, No One Expects It to Get Better Anytime Soon.” Read about it in Advertising Age.
  • We’ve been hearing and talking a lot about social media lately. It’s all the rage. Still, I’m certain there are a ton of folks out there who aren’t quite sure what it’s all about, or how to use it as a marketing medium. Worse, I have a feeling that far too many are embarrassed to admit they don’t know! It’s OK, you’re not alone, read Social Media Marketing (SMO) 101, Part 1 by Ron Jones of SearchEngineWatch.
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