Daily SEO copywriting candy: February 24, 2009

debate-apple-orangeGood morning! You may have wondered where I was yesterday. Sadly I was bundled up with the sneezing, sniffling, coughing, aching, fever … well, I was nursing a cold. But I’m back on my feet today and I have lots of very cool stuff I want to talk about this week, so let’s get to it. Today is all about the ongoing debates on SEO content and strategies. Don’t be shy, feel free to weigh in on these debates and share your opinions!

  • Lee Odden posed a content strategy question to our very own Heather Lloyd-Martin in his recent article, “A Strategic Approach to Internet Marketing with Content & SEO” The Question: What advice can you give companies that are looking for the benefits of an overall content strategy while enhancing search visibility through SEO? Check out Heather’s answer and read more Q&As from industry leaders.
  • Copywriting veteran Bob Bly says, “The question of long vs. short copy is one of those tiring arguments that never seems to quite get settled.” Read his recent blog post, “No One Reads Long Copy, She Says,” about the so-called proper length of a sales letter. What do you think — long or short copy?
  • Print media vs. online media … who’s winning the readership? Having started my career as a journalist before moving into the SEO copywriting world, I’ve been following this debate for years. Tipping the scales yet again, online media is outweighing print media. Learn how to make the switch from print to online in ClickZ’s article, “Ten Ways Online Media Planning Differs From Print.”
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  1. wayne says:

    i love the way you explain about Strategic Approach to Internet Marketing with Content & SEO…it’s very informative and useful..thanx for your information….


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