Daily SEO copywriting candy: February 27, 2009

weekend news

TGIF! The good news is that I’m winning the battle over this nasty cold that’s had me down and out most of the week. More good news, the weekend is upon us! Even more good news, it’s raining — which means it’s getting warm! And still even more good news, I really don’t have any other news, and you know what they say about no news… so let’s just dive right into your SEO copywriting candy :)

  • According to Joe Pulizzi, founder of Junta42, “Even in tough economic times, money is still flowing into content marketing initiatives.” Well that sounds like good news! Read what he has to say in his article, Recession or not, marketers still investing in their own content.
  • Are you writing for a new generation? I don’t know about you, but I’m still trying to figure out exactly which generation everyone fits into, myself included. Here’s an interesting article on Marketing to Generation G. Oh, and if anyone has a flowchart to share on all the different generations, that’d be great, too ;-)
  • Written content has clear benefits over video, SEO being among the obvious. But don’t brush off the idea of video content on your site just yet. You can write content to lend itself to video, screen casts or any other visual media for that matter.
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