Daily SEO copywriting candy: February 3, 2009

Bailey's rebranding

So much for yesterday’s beautiful sun. Today it’s back to the cold, snowy winter wonderland we Cannucks have come to know and loathe.  But life goes on, and with that, here’s some of what’s happening in the marketing world. Enjoy!

  • Big brands are a-Twitter. Ever wondered if corporate giants are Twittering along with you? Check out this cool list of the top 40 big brands that are using Twitter as yet another marketing venue, and why.
  • Silliness sells! “Tan at your desk with ComputerTan.” OK, so I didn’t actually believe that I could sit in front of my computer screen and get a youthful, healthy glow, but the “tan-tastic” title sure did get my attention! The YouTube clip is hysterical (well, I think so). The beauty of this marketing strategy is the powerful message it leaves behind.
  • If Bailey’s is known as an indulgent beverage, how do they keep sales up during a recession when people simply aren’t indulging? Diageo Canada Inc. thought it called for “breakthrough copy” to reshape the way people think of Bailey’s: maintaining the “special occasion” feeling while introducing a more “casual occasion” approach. What do you think of the new Bailey’s marketing strategy?
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