Daily SEO copywriting candy: February 6, 2009

dreamstimefree_1349459Well, there’s no candy for me, just liquids, warm mush or cold mush. I feel far too old to be dealing with “teething” issues, but I’m happy to report that the last two of my wisdom teeth are finally out! So here I sit swollen, bruised and somewhat medicated (woohoo), but in my slightly foggy state, I’m happy to serve up some SEO copywriting candy for the rest of you. Enjoy!

  • How Can Lawyers use Twitter? Every find yourself wondering what exactly Twitter is used for? I know I used to. Chris Winfield gave a presentation yesterday at LegalTech with Kevin O’Keefe & Matthew Homann to help people in the legal profession effectively use Twitter. Take a look at his PowerPoint presentation.
  • Eric Webber makes an excellent point in Be Prepared to Defend the Need for Quality Creative. He ponders the idea that tough economic times are a perfect breeding ground for low-budget advertising — and is concerned that clients might find it an easy out in the short-term. What do you think?
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