Daily SEO copywriting candy: Is A-B-C for y-o-u?

Candy bagBack in my 20’s, I was an outside sales rep for a local newspaper. Living solely on commission, I quickly learned what’s called my “ABC’s” in the sales biz (always be closing.) The more sales I closed, the more money I made, and the more efficiently I could pay my rent. It was all good.

It’s just as important to know your online ABC’s, too. The key is, “closing” can mean different things to different sites. It may be lead generation, and “closing the online deal” is obtaining an email address. Or, you may be selling a super-special widget, and moving units is where it’s at. The key is using your direct-response and SEO copywriting skills to figure out the exact right approach for a successful sale. Today’s Daily SEO copywriting candy focuses on the ABC’s – and shows how we can close our sales just a little bit better.

  • The Secret of How to Sell Everything? Wow, you have to love the headline. Although the advice seems basic, it’s amazing how many companies skip the “what do our customers really want” step altogether (and it’s the foundation of any SEO copywriting campaign.) If you’re needing a back-to-basics slap, this is the article for you.
  • OneUp Innovations of Atlanta had an interesting problem: How could they close more sales with customers who may be too shy to ask questions. Makers of the Liberator, an adult “bedroom accessory,”  the company found live chat was the perfect way to get customers talking – and buying. Makes you wonder – if you expanded the way you communicated with your customers, would you close more sales? Hmm….
  • Ever have a client say, “Well, we like the copy. We do. But we’re afraid that the close is a little too…hard?  Could you tone it down?”  It’s true that some folks are afraid that “closing” will be perceived as pushy – and no-one wants to be that guy (or that Website) with the super-smarmy hard-sell copy.  Enter Bob Bly with his question “Must you always be closing.” The answer? Perhaps.

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