Daily SEO copywriting candy: January 12, 2009

CandyIt’s Monday already…and what a Monday it is!  There’s nothing like knowing that I’m traveling later in the week to keep me totally focused. First it’s to Victoria B.C. for a hockey tournament, and then I’m across the pond for a week.  But no worries – I’ll still be blogging (and Tweeting, too – follow me at @heatherlloyd).

Enjoy – here are the latest and greatest SEO copywriting posts.

  • From the “no way” files…Axe deodorant may actually make men seem more attractive?  The “Axe effect” shows how  emotional reasoning (if you buy Axe, women will chase you down the street) influences buying behavior and self esteem.  (Side note: the “Axe effect” was no longer effective when the men opened their mouths….)
  • Do you wince every time you hear “legal has to approve this before we can post it on the site.”  Legal departments – and what they do for their clients – are crucial.  But there are times when a legal cya may seem a little…overboard.  Check out Web Ink Now’s take on when legal gets in the way of PR.
  • I am so glad that I rediscovered this site today.  Sean D’Souza has been talking about the link between brain science and marketing forever…I remember chatting with him back in 2004 or so.  Finding his site again was like finding a favorite book that I hadn’t read in years.  The Psychotactics blog is definitely worth the read – check it out!

That’s it for today. And just think..tomorrow’s Tuesday. Ah, Tuesday. That doesn’t seem so bad…

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