Daily SEO copywriting candy: January 13, 2009

dreamstime_4079162It’s a grey, rainy day in Portland OR – which seems dreadfully unfair since we were promised sun (I know, I know…I live in the Pacific Northwest.  What should I expect?)  The good news is, it’s a great day to catch up on the latest online writing headlines…

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Here are today’s hottest SEO copywriting posts:

  • Ah, I love clients who want to build a separate landing page (or micro-site) for everything.  I know, I know – separate landing pages can be useful in some cases. At the same time, if you don’t have a smart content strategy in place, you’re doing nothing but duplicating your efforts.  Really!
  • Thinking about starting a blog? Or do you have a blog now, but your posting schedule isn’t quite as…active…as you’d like?  James Duthie, from Online Marketing Blog, discusses five lessons he learned after his first year of blogging -  and yes, keeping a regular blog schedule was one of them. (Thanks to Jennifer Laycock from Search Engine Guide for highlighting this article.)
  • In the last Lipstick Jungle, Nico (who represents old-school print media) was upset that she wasn’t invited to the Skywalker Ranch  – especially since they did invite the blogger who worked for her. This got me thinking about how “old school” direct marketers perceive SEO…and now, social media. This rant by Sean Williams shows how one 30-year business management veteran feels about some social media advocates and their marketing experience (or lack thereof). Your thoughts…?
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    • Heather says:

      LOL – I understand. Micro-sites are great…for the right project. And it depends on the goals of the project. But in many cases, keeping everything on one domain makes much more sense.

      Thanks for your post!


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