Daily SEO copywriting candy: January 6, 2009

Wrapped candy

It’s a rainy, gray day here in Portland, OR.  Actually, it’s the perfect kind of day to hide in a cafe, curl up with Starbucks’ latest tea creation (London Fog latte…yummy!) and check out the hottest SEO copywriting articles.

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OK, here’s today roundup:

  • Have you ever asked your clients just what the heck they’re trying to do (OK, maybe you didn’t ask quite that way…but I bet you were thinking it!)  Branding issues tend to get mixed up, confused and generally mangled…and this has ramifications for a client’s business model. If this sounds like you, the article “The Difference Between Building a Business and Building a Brand” may provide a useful client reference…
  • Pet peeve: Companies who think their “about us” page ain’t no big thing. Check your analytics, people.  Prospects DO read your about us page – and wouldn’t you rather wow them than put them to sleep (or worse, make them worry if you’ll do a good job.) Please, please read “5 Keys to Crafting a Really Good ‘About’ Page. Your prospects will thank you.
  • I remember debating with an ex (who shall remain nameless) who used to work in national politics.  He believed that political candidates would never, ever turn to search, blogging and Twitter to raise awareness. I’m pleased to say that he was wrong.  Check out how Google grabbed most of Obama’s 16 million in 2008.

That’s it for today, folks. Catch you tomorrow with the latest and greatest…

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