Daily SEO copywriting candy: March 10, 2009

abcEver heard the phrase, “Life is a journey, not a destination”? I heard it on the radio this morning and thought, “No kidding–talk about an ongoing learning curve!” Just when we thought we had keywords figured out, people start talking about care words. What the heck is the difference between a care word and a keyword? And just when we thought we had our favorite search engine figured out with all it’s cool little functions, Microsoft pops up with a new service called Kumo. And just when we think we’ve mastered the HTML basics we need as SEO copywriters … ya right, who are we trying to kid, we never really *master* HTML. But we’re thankful for the tips and tricks we find online from other pros! With that, enjoy your daily SEO copywriting candy.

  • Search words or care words? What’s a care word? According to Gerry McGovern, “One set of words to bring customers to your website. Another set of words to bring them through it.” Read his article in the New Thinking newsletter.
  • Microsoft is sinking in search traffic–and now, according the The Wall Street Journal, they’re testing a new search service called Kumo (which means spider in Japanese). Get the scoop!
  • Every SEO copywriter needs a little coding know-how. Fear not! Ivan Strouchliak talks about code and its role in search engine optimization in his article of nearly the same name, “Coding and Search Engine Optimization.”
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