Daily SEO copywriting candy: March 2, 2009

overcome seo challengesWelcome to a bright and sunny Monday! At least, it’s bright and sunny here in Canada — though it was a bone-chilling -27 degrees Celsius this morning. Will spring ever come? It can be so very hard for us this time of year as we anxiously await just a hint of warmer weather, a tiny patch of green grass, one strong ray of sunshine. By March, we’re all so sun-starved that we’re starting to look like the “people under the stairs.”

But on a more positive note, these are challenges we face every year, and it makes us that much more appreciative when the season changes at long last. This gets me thinking about challenges, looking on the bright side, and overcoming obstacles on a day-to-day basis. So today’s SEO copywriting candy is about just that–overcoming SEO challenges. Enjoy!

  • According to SearchEngineLand, “there is the widely held belief in the SEO community that social media will be a major source of ranking signals for the search engines in the future.” Read about the future possibilities in The Evolving State of Social Media & SEO.
  • Check out Jessica Bowman’s interview with the WebProNews Video Blog  about Bringing SEO In-House. She compares the process to the various stages of a marriage, beginning with courtship, moving into the honeymoon phase, and how to handle the SEO challenges that come when the reality phase sets in.
  • Is SEO getting harder? in an article in DirectNews, Eric Enge, president of Stone Temple Consulting, believes that SEO challenges are becoming more prevalent today. Read his thoughts on how firms can leverage the power of social media in their SEO strategies to gain a substantial advantage over the competition.
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