Daily SEO copywriting candy: March 9, 2009


Happy Monday! Is everyone else as slow starting today as I am? I love the fact that we just gained an extra hour of daylight in the evening, but man-o-man was I exhausted this morning! Ah well, daylight savings means that spring has officially sprung (at least in my mind)! Now let’s get right down to your daily SEO copywriting candy.

  • This Video SEO White Paper caught my attention this morning. Razorfish and Expo Communications have teamed up and released  “How Non-Video Sites Can Employ Video for SEO.” Check it out.
  • Are you leaving a trail of Bread Crumbs? Read Ann Smarty’s blog post that explains how bread crumbs (single lines of text used to show where a page is located in the hierarchy) are helpful both for SEO and usability.
  • And here’s an interesting little tidbit: apparently Facebook is sending more traffic than Google to some sites. Read Michael Learmonth’s article, which explores the question, “Will Search-Marketing Dollars Also Shift to Social Media?
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