Daily SEO copywriting candy: March12, 2009

Clover patchOk, I admit it. I’m having a tough time today conforming to any sort of routine. As I sit here with my fingers poised over the keyboard trying to come up with a great theme for today’s SEO copywriting candy, it suddenly hit me … who says I have to have a theme? With so many newsworthy items circling the Web these days, it’s tough to narrow it down to three seemingly related topics. So today I’m giving you the best of what I think is the best! Sure they have nothing in common, but who says I have to conform to the “norm” all the time? Let’s shake it up!

  • Good news for SEOers? It’s been said that businesses are expected to use SEO throughout 2009. However, a new report from Conductor finds that “Fortune 500 companies are struggling with the implementing the strategy.” Read the report from SEO technology/services company Conductor now.
  • I’m a gadget geek. There, I said it out loud. Which is why I’m always searching for cool new tools. Jordan Kasteler wrote an interesting piece called, “5 SEO Tools You Might Be Missing from Your Aresenal.
  • What’s a quality blog post without some sexy spice ;-) Megan Musilli & Dan Skahen each give their he said/she said two cents in a hot little article called, “Sex in the ‘Seo: Is a relationship really what you call it?”
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