Daily SEO copywriting candy: More ideas for controlling the online marketing controllables

CupcakeEarlier this week, I discussed why controlling the SEO copywriting controllables was so important in any down economy. It’s too easy to take the economy personally and figure that there’s nothing you can do. Unfortunately, that’s like watching your market share drip away when a quick knob twist would halt the torture.

Remember folks – it’s not enough to just “hold on” during this economy.  Yes, it’s an accomplishment just keeping the doors open for some companies – I get that. At the same time, there are ways to position a cash and client-poor business for the future in a way that (1) doesn’t strap immediate cash flow and (2) sets the foundation for lots of business…later.  Fortunately, other bloggers are sharing ways people can make sense of this super-strange economy and streamline their online marketing.  Here are some helpful tips to get you through.

  • It’s tempting to slice expenses across the board just to save a buck…but that strategy often comes back to bite you later. Thank goodness Marketing Profs has an excellent article about what budgetary items to cut, and what to keep (important hint: don’t skimp on long-term customer retention.)
  • Is now really the time to hire key people? Yes, according to an article by Justilien Gaspard. His take: it’s OK to enter into new markets and try new things right now, as long as you’re focused on long-term results.
  • And speaking of trying new things – I know that I’ve waxed poetic about Twitter before. Although it can seem like standing around a giant water cooler with 500 of your closest friends, Twitter is actually a great way to do some one-on-one marketing and get the word out. Still not convinced? This article teaches you how to measure your Twitter engagement.  Think about it: writing Twitter posts is SEO copywriting…just with a shorter character count.

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Oh, and we’re about 2 weeks (or less) away from launching the new site along with the new logo and new…well…everything. Stay tuned!

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