Daily SEO copywriting candy: Twitter your way to online writing success

birthday-cupcake1 Picture this:

It’s my 40th birthday.  I’m with my favorite search buddies and eating at one of Vegas’ hottest restaurants (and most expensive…we learned THAT after getting the bill.)  Drinks are flowing, food is flowing. It’s all good.

And we’re talking about Twitter. Really. On my 40th birthday. Sadly, I am not making this up.

As I’ve said before, I didn’t quite get this “Twitter thing” until Lee Odden from TopRank Marketing patiently led me through the benefits.  And then I got it. And then, the SEO copywriting light turned on as I realized its networking potential.

And then I became a Twitvangelist. It happens to the best of us.

Can Twitter be a waste of time? Hell yeah. But can it be a powerful way to make contacts and even gain business? Hell yeah. For the unconverted (and I know you’re out there,) here’s some Twittips to maximize your Twit-efforts (OK, I’ll stop now.)

  • I was a Tweeting fool when I first started.  That was bad.  Once I stepped down from my fledgling Twitter addiction and focused my efforts, I realized that Twitter was good for a number of things: lead generation, learning about new SEO copywriters and discovering new resources. Heck, Twitter is even good for copywriting practice (quick, say something compelling in 140 characters or less!) If you’re a freelance online writer, check out “8 Ways that Twitter Can Grow Your Freelance Business.”   After reading this article and coming up with a business-case strategy, you’ll feel less guilty about your Tweet time. Trust me.
  • Still not convinced that Twitter is good for networking? Dianna Huff sent out a random Tweet – and ended up making a valuable business contact (plus she got a cool tour of a flagship store!).  Dianna’s takeaway: “you can’t beat the connections that you make on social media “” connections you would never make with cold calls, direct mail, or even an optimized Web site.” True enough. Discover more about how to use Twitter for business.
  • Think about merging Twitter, reputation management and SEO.  It may make your brain hurt, but that time is…wait for it…now.  In a brilliant SEO move, Twitter tweaked their Title tags, meaning that your Twitter account may be ranking higher in search results for your name.  My first reaction was – cool!  Another way for people to learn more about me. But here’s the downside. Let’s say you’re at..oh, I don’t know…a Search Engine Strategies conference. And you drunkenly Tweet something random and stupid to 1,000 of your closest followers. Although it seems like a one-time stupid event, that Tweet will live on on your profile page. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Won’t you follow me on Twitter?  I promise not to drunk Tweet you. Really.

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