How Twitter can help you brainstorm killer online writing ideas

Tweet birdI’m one of those “feast or famine” creative types. During my feast time, my kitchen cabinets are spotted with yellow post-it notes covered with crazy idea-inducing scribbles.   This craze is great – exhausting, but great – until I slide into my creative famine time. And that’s when I sit in a stupor wondering “So, what the hell am I going to write about today?’

You’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

I’ve posted  about how Twitter is way cool for keeping up on conversational trends. It’s also cool for discovering new blogs, new voices and (thank goodness) brainstorming new story ideas.  Here are two ways I use Twitter to generate article ideas for clients.

  • If I’m just starting the article research process, Twitter Search is a great go-to place. Yes, you’re certainly wading through many 170 character-or-less random Tweets.  But you can also learn how a person, company or product is perceived in real time.  For instance, Denny’s recent “Free Grand Slam” campaign was launched during the Super Bowl…and the topic was still trending two days later:

Denny's Twitter results

  • If there’s a topic I follow (such as #pdx for Portland, OR, or #online writing, I’ve set up TweetLater to send me twice-daily search results for those keywords. Not only have I found some great blog posts that have sparked new writing ideas, I’ve been able to connect to new online writing and local communities. And that’s pretty cool.

Tweet Later

Haven’t tried Twitter yet?  I’ll be writing a post called “Twitter for online writers” soon.  Stay tuned!

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