Internet, Online or Web — the great marketing debate.

Marketing debate

Lee Odden sparked an interesting debate on his blog about the terminology used to describe our industry. Check it out to share your opinion on whether to call it Internet Marketing, Online Marketing or Web Marketing.

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  1. Graeme Mac says:

    In an effort to work this out for myself I entered all 3 in Google Trends. It seems as if “internet marketing” is the most popular but Online marketing is catching up.

    To a certain extent you have to use the same terminology as the general public. Would you ever call your garbage man a “Waste Disposal Technician”?

  2. Heather says:

    Exactly, Graeme. One thing that keyword research “forces” (good) SEO copywriters to do is speak the same languages as their customers. The only way to gain searches is to optimize for terms your target market searches upon. Insider jargon keyphrases may position OK – but people won’t be searching on them.

    Interesting that “Internet marketing” is still the most popular after all these years…thanks for sharing that. :)


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