Interview with the copywriter’s advocate, Chris Marlow

Chris Marlow is the original copywriter’s coach, helping copywriters garner high-quality, high-value clients since 2003. An award-winning copywriter with over two decades of successes, failures, and hard-won experience, Chris is a self-described copywriter’s advocate. Today, Chris shares her story and her inspiration for her upcoming Copywriters Marketing Roundtable event, available online from October 4th through December 14th.

Please share a bit about your story – how did you come into your copywriters’ coaching passion?

I came into my passion for helping other copywriters in 2003 when I was working with copywriters’ agent John Finn (now passed), and Kevin, his son, who is also a copywriters’ agent. They hired a coach and when I saw all the positive changes being made it dawned on me that I could do the same for copywriters.

So in 2003 I became the world’s first copywriters’ coach. I have also created the most powerful marketing course for copywriters, the Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters.

What inspired you in creating the upcoming Copywriters Marketing Roundtable event?

There are many successful copywriters out there but many more who are struggling. By interviewing some of the cream of the crop, I can help all copywriters get a better understanding of what’s working in the industry today. A copywriter’s marketing secrets are usually just that – secrets.

This event allows successful copywriters to share their secrets and educate, inspire, and motivate others to do a better job with their marketing so they can see huge improvements in their career.

I’m all about helping copywriters create their ideal copywriting business, from choosing the right niche to landing the best clients and earning their best pay.

What might copywriters expect to learn from the CMR event?

That there are many ways to put your marketing together, but some tactics work better than others. They will gain insight into the many niches available to copywriters and get a sense for the potential profitability of a niche. They’ll discover what others charge for their hourly rates and in some cases find out how much these successful copywriters earn in a year. They’ll be able to brush away inaccurate perceptions and replace them with the collective truths they hear from 15 honest copywriters who are not getting paid for their time but who are happy to share with their colleagues.

Do you have any advice for companies that want to hire copywriters?

There’s a lot of downward pressure on pricing for copywriting. But you get what you pay for. If your company needs leads or sales, you’ll need to find a copywriter who can deliver that. A newbie willing to work for low pay is learning on the job. You’re better off looking for someone who knows strategy, and paying for great copy because great copy = great profits. Copy is an investment, not an expense.

Any advice for new copywriters?

Work with a coach! It will save you years of wrong turns, wasted money and poor earnings. It’s a no-brainer investment because you can often make back your investment on your very first job!

More about Chris Marlow: 

Noting the absence of pricing benchmarks for copywriters, Chris Marlow published the world’s only statistical pricing benchmarks for copywriters. For more information and for details on her Copywriters Marketing Roundtable, sign up for Chris’ Get Great Clients newsletter and check the Copywriters Marketing Roundtable site.

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    Vaibhav says:

    Absolutely informative media, thanks! For someone who is discovering and going through the whole process of internet marketing, I find the data here very helpful. I’ve been learning from close peers and co-workers in Canada, in fact, they will be guests for Canada Marketing Summit which is a live event that welcomes all internet marketers in and out of Canada. I hope the information I will be getting from your videos plus information from the summit will help me build my online business. Thanks!


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