New SEO copywriting for businesses hands-on workshop September 15, 2010

Are you in the Puget Sound area and need hands-on SEO copywriting help? Now, there’s a seminar just for you!

Many of you have asked if I could create an in-person seminar series where participants could work through some writing exercises and ask specific questions about their site.  After all, it’s one thing when I tell people to “write good Titles.” It’s another when I can help people step-by-step and provide instant feedback.

The seminar is a powerful mixture of “talking head” presentations (the first half of the day) paired with hands-on help (the second half.) Check out the  SEO copywriting seminar agenda for the full agenda and details.

The training isn’t finished just because the day is over!  If you sign up for the seminar, I’m giving folks free access to my online SEO Copywriting Certification training ($599 value.) For three months after the training, registered participants can go online, listen to the conference calls and refine their skills even more.

Won’t you join us? Let’s improve your positions and your conversions together – sign up today!

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