SEO content marketing roundup, week ending August 14th

It’s true! In this week’s latest and greatest web writing news, Yahoo! fired its boss and put itself up for sale. In other notable posts, there’s content curation vs. creation, Twitter’s hallmark of 100 million active users, and a rare interview with Danny Sullivan on just about everything search and social.  Here’s the buzz:

Content Marketing

A compilation of speakers and coverage from the Content Marketing World event from around the web is posted by Michele Linn at Content Marketing Institute:

CMI also posts tips on how to get your content found, again from the Content Marketing World event:

Lee Odden posts delivering a better buyer experience with content marketing from a Content Marketing World presentation:

Convince and Convert posts new research on finding the content “curation vs. creation sweet spot”:

A podcast interview with Seth Godin kicks off the return of Copyblogger’s  Internet Marketing for Smart People, where Seth addresses creating content that matters and more:

So do you have a business blog? Seven reasons why blogging benefits businesses are posted by George Passwater:

SEO & Search

Yep.Yahoo! has put itself up for sale. At Business Insider:

Search Engine Land reports on the firing of Yahoo’s CEO:

And Ad Age posts the essential issues behind Yahoo’s demise to the tune of $4 billion:

Priceless interview with Danny Sullivan on Google, social search, and more via Eric Enge at his StoneTemplesite:

Danny Goodwin reports that the big G is slimming down its offerings, killing off of 10 projects, including its Q&A Aardvark:

But wait! Google has bought Zagat for local web marketing:

Matt McGee reports that Google’s small business priorities are all messed up (all sales and no service) atSearchEngineLand:

More Google bashing – and who does it better than Aaron Wall? This is about hypocrisy with organic search results:

Arnie Kuenn posts optimization techniques for various content types:

Five keys to conversion rate optimization are shared at Search Engine Watch:

Smart read: tricks for taming keywords with regular expressions are posted at SearchEngineLand:

Successful SEO with off-site optimization is posted at:

Smart stuff, as always, from Jill Whalen. This to do with deceptive marketing:

Blogging lessons learned and seven “best of” Level 343 posts are featured here:

The anatomy of a successful web video series is the subject of SEOmoz’s Whiteboard Friday special:

Social Media Marketing

Twitter hits 100 million active users, reports Greg Fin at SearchEngineLand:

Social network developments headline Social Media Examiner’s weekly social media news:

“The Mark Zuckerberg Guide to Building Facebook Profiles” is posted by Neil Patel:

So now LinkedIn allows you to count those unpaid gigs in your profile:

SME posts seven tips to increase your blog comments:

Move fast! HubSpot posts that social media links have a fragile shelf life: 

Social media marketing beyond Facebook and Twitter:

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