SEO content marketing roundup, week ending May 16th

This week’s latest and greatest Web-writing news is lean but not terribly mean, with great content shared from the golden triad of content, SEO/search and social media marketing. Here’s the high-protein-zero-carbs web gem picks…enjoy with your tall skinny latte!

Content Marketing

So are your landing pages realizing a positive ROI or are they “more like bouncing betties?” A great landing page ROI 101 post by Level 343.

And does your copywriting convert? Heather Lloyd-Martin discusses informercial-inspired direct response copywriting techniques at  SEO Copywriting.

Tom Demers shares 42 content writing and SEO ranking tips for small business owners at Measured SEM.

“Finally: 2012 Superbowl Ad Neuro-Rankings” are in: Roger Dooley discusses them at Neuromarketing.


SEO & Search

Avinash Kaushik discusses “Measuring Digital ‘Brand Strength’” at Occam’s Razor

Making the New York Times is “Bing Search Engine to be Revamped as War Against Google Intensifies.”

Bill Ross posts “SEO ROI Measurement: The Only 3 Primary KPIs You Should Care About” at LinchPinSEO

SEOptimise shares “advanced tips and take aways” from SMX London.

When is your first conversion opportunity? The search engine results page: learn how to make your search listings sizzle at SEO Copwriting.


Social Media Marketing

Voicing his dissent with the recommended timing for social sharing, Matt McGee posts “There’s No Best Time to Publish Blog Posts & Social Updates” at Small Business Search Marketing.

Brian Solis pens a most eloquent manifesto, “The Fallacy of Information Overload.”

So what is a “social executive”? Cheryl Burgess posts “7 personalities of a social executive” at Blue Focus Marketing.

Courtney Ramirez weighs the pro’s and con’s of Pinterest vs. Google+ as social media platforms at SEO Copywriting.



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  1. Heather Georgoudiou says:

    Hey Laura,

    Love this sleek new roundup look – nice find on the Level343 landing pages 101 – love those checklists!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Heather! Glad you enjoyed the Level 343 post. As for the leaner look of the roundup, that was more out of necessity than choice. And that is a story of bulldozers and Comcast cable patches 🙂


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