SEO content marketing roundup, week ending October 13th

Greetings fellow online marketers!  This week’s web writing news focuses on the symbiotic relationship between successful content and social media marketing, including using social media for keyword research and offsite SEO! Ways to measure and grow content engagement are also thrown in the mix for good measure — so go forth, engage, and prosper!

How do you measure content marketing success?  Content Marketing Institute‘s third installment in its “engaging content” series suggests actionable ways to measure engagement with your website, social platforms, and content itself!

Is your blog languishing?  Social Media Examiner, marking its first birthday, shares the three avenues it pursued to achieve explosive blog growth in its first year!

In a related post, specific ways to market your business blog is offered at Hubspot — great tips!

Is your great content attracting links, or no? An interesting analysis showing how a particular social vertical can either make or break the link-love shown your content is detailed by Ross Hudgens.

We’ve all been there:  we need to do SEO for an industry we’ve little understanding of, and  we need to grasp the bigger picture to begin our keyword research.  This SEOmoz post explains how YouTube can provide it!

Another social media platform — Twitter — can help content marketers with their offsite (link-building) SEO efforts!  A video explaining how is at the SEO Dojo.

And speaking of video, here’s a bonus: a very informative iMedia Connection article examines where online video has been, and where it is going. Great read and thorough perspective!

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