SEO content marketing roundup, week ending October 6th

Search, social, and content marketing are thrown in a blender and mixed into a delightful cocktail in this week’s web writing news!  The lively conversation about the impact of real-time and social search on search engine optimization rages on!  And surprise!  Google is on TV!  Just when you were thinking you need to adjust to mobile marketing”¦Check it out:

In a follow-up to what engaging content actually is, Content Marketing explores how to make your content more engaging!  Great read!

The real-time search and social landscape according to heavies from Google and Twitter is presented live from SMX East at Search Marketing Sage.

On a lighter note, enjoy this Hubspot article on the 7 juicy euphemisms you need to sell online marketing to your boss!

Into analytics?  Some handy social SEO analytics tools are evaluated at Top Rank.

What happens now that Google’s on TV?  Think: Brave New World.  Search Engine Journal explores the implications, from content marketing to SEO.

And speaking of Google’s impacts, Search Engine Roundtable is featuring live coverage of all the goings-on at SMX East, including Google Instant’s impact on SEO and user behavior.

Finally, using your social profiles for SEO and using advanced tactics for reputation management (hint: Wikipedia may not be a good thing) is offered up at SEOmoz.

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