SEO content marketing roundup, week ending September 15th

Hey guess what? No, we’re not focusing on Google Instant today, although the speculative fallout continues to rain down! (Psssst, by the way, SEO is not dead!)

Rather, today’s SEO content marketing roundup is devoted to catching all the worthy stuff that may have slipped through the cracks. Still, the word is all about speed! Besides adapting to Google Instant, word is that our SEO content marketing strategy needs to integrate instantaneous, social media sharing to capture those real-time, nano-second-quick, relevant search engine results!

Like it or not, from Google Caffeine & now Instant (and safely assuming no de-caf version?), to Twitter and Facebook, etc., real-time results are here to stay, and challenge us all to capture that full-bodied, bold flavor of a well-brewed SEO content strategy using a boiler plate!

So here’s what’s brewing  (cream & sugar, anyone?):

The push towards dynamic, “right now” search results has spawned three real-time search engines that specialize in social media trends:

As detailed in Social Media Examiner, each engine has its own take and search results value, from the newest entertainment/lifestyle buzz (One Riot) to the strictly social media content of “collective reactions” (48ers), to the news-focused, breaking stories of mainstream U.S. and international press (Collecta).  So SEO content marketers:  check out these social media search sources and take notes!

A well-considered point about social media search is made in Search Engine Watch. As discussed here previously, the author notes that it is definitely in our best interest to broaden our SEO paradigm to incorporate social buzz and trends into our search engine optimization strategy, not as an afterthought, but as an essential part of our overall SEO content marketing efforts!

And yes, surprise! Social media is a real and real-time force affecting off-site SEO as well  Search Engine Journal posts an excellent article about building quality links via social media monitoring, and presents an easily-digestible summary of, well, ¦Google Instant.

Have I forgotten anything?  Probably. If you’ve anything to add, please do!  Help us make this the most rockin’ blog around!

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  1. Derek says:

    Wow, the world of marketing is really changing and thanks for the inside tips on Google Buzz. It toally makes since. With sites like Ustream and Social Media it’s all about like real content. Amazing World out there.


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