SEO copywriting daily candy: Should you write an ebook?

Candy mouseHappy Monday, all! It’s a fast-and-dirty daily candy today as I’m out the door for a Seattle-area meeting. This is me, praying that my windshield wipers are working…it’s not raining yet. But any minute…

A very common SEO content strategy question is, “What about writing an ebook?  How will an ebook help me?” Of course, there is always the obvious answer of how an ebook can help estabish your company as an expert. And, if you’re looking for an additional revenue source, ebooks can be mighty profitable.  But is an ebook really right for your company? Let’s see…

  • So, your Website content is fresh, your blog has an air-tight editorial schedule and you’re looking for new content marketing strategies.  Enter the ebook. Whether you’re looking for lead generation or simply to get the word out, ebooks can be a great way to establish your thought leadership dominance. Discover 5 reasons why writing an ebook should be a part of your marketing strategy.
  • Still not convinced about the power of ebooks? Patsi Krakoff from Writing on the Web weighs in with her 5 (more) reasons an ebook is a content marketing must.
  • Yes, free ebooks can be great for lead generation. At the same time, free ebooks are -  gasp -  free. Ebooks can turn a healthy profit, and if you charge what the information is actually worth (rather than conforming to a Kindle pricing-limit of $9.99,) you could have an incredible new revenue channel on your hands.  If you want your ebook content marketing to drive cash, read Sean D’Souza’s great article, “Why publishers are stupid.”

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  1. Paul Cooley says:

    Very true Heather! Writing a free ebook has been a great way to build a list on my sites. I try to offer them on some of my niche sites as well.

    Keep up the good work! :)


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