SEO Copywriting Snapshot – HowToSayThatName

Happy Holidays! In this week’s Snapshot we’re looking at a rather unique service…

Founded by Elizabeth Bojang, HowToSayThatName is a given and surname pronunciation guide. The site contains audio recordings to help users properly pronounce names in as many as 15 different languages. She started this site to provide executives and customer service representatives the help they need to reduce language barriers in a global marketplace.

I asked Elizabeth about her online marketing goals, and she told me her primary mission is to raise awareness about the site and reach out to businesses that would benefit from the services they offer.

So I thought to myself, “How can this company choose the right keyphrases when people don’t know that the service exists? And how can they build the *keyphrase bridge* between what people are searching for online, and what they’re actually offering?” Now, you’ve heard me say this before, and you’ll continue to hear me say it — proper keyphrase research (KPR) and selection is the foundation of a quality SEO campaign.

Let’s take a look at the page below.

In reading this blurb, I noticed the term “communication challenges.” They’ve also touched on the importance of “reducing language barriers.” Hold on, though, these aren’t necessarily the *right keyphrases*, but it’s a good place to start the KPR.

Quick Tip: Just because a keyphrase gets great hits according to KeywordDiscovery or WordTracker, for example, does not mean it’s the right keyphrase. Go to Google and type it in … see what kind of results you get and make sure they’re relevant. “Communication challenges” might yield marriage counseling results, for instance, and you don’t want to target the wrong audience!

Read more about free keyphrase research tools in my previous SEO Copywriting Snapshot.

To start brainstorming some keyphrases to further research, some points come to mind:

  • What “problems” are potential prospects having? i.e.: communication challenges, proper name pronunciation, language barriers
  • What solutions are available for these problems? i.e.: pronunciation services, learn to pronounce names, communication tools
  • How can this site differentiate itself from similar services? i.e.: translation services, language services (it will be important for them to clearly define the solutions they offer in comparison to, say, a translation company)

Remember when compiling your keyphrase research to think outside the box. Dig deep into the user’s psyche to uncover how they’d search online for this particular service. And don’t forget synonyms (ie: translate/decipher/interpret) and word derivatives (i.e.: translation/translate/translating, communicate/communication

Build buzz with social media…

While achieving top search engine rankings is important, the ultimate goal is to generate awareness and drive more targeted traffic to the site. Good news! Social media strategies can help them get the word out and gain site visitors. Building relationships with other blog owners and offering guest posts is a good idea for these folks. They could also talk with other bloggers about their services and ask to be mentioned and have a link back to their site. For example, a business etiquette blog could highlight the importance of customer service representatives properly pronouncing their clients’ and prospects’ names, and back link to HowToSayThatName as a quality resource.

OK, so that’s all for, well, this year! Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and prosperous new year!

Cheers to health, wealth and happiness :)


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  1. Jason says:

    I stumbled upon this doing some keyword research… I thnk many folks forget to think “outside the box”. I’m guilty, but since I know it I can pay better attention. :)

    Wordtracker is a beautiful tool when used properly!

    thanks for the “words”!!!

    • Heather says:

      Hi, Jason!

      I think we’re all guilty of not thinking outside the box sometimes. It happens. Then, you get a reminder of what thinking “outside the box” can teach you – and the world opens up. :)

      You’re welcome for the words! Thanks for your note!


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