SEO Copywriting Snapshot –

Welcome back to the next SEO Copywriting Snapshot. This week we’re lookin at Toronto-based JivitaWellness. Founded by Caren Cooper in 2007, Jivita Wellness specializes in providing customized health and fitness programs directly to your home or workplace. 

The first thing I always look at is on the home page — I dig behind to the HTML code and look at the Title tag, meta description and keywords tag. Now here’s the funky part — something’s going on with this site from a techie standpoint, which is beyond my area of expertise. But not to worry, I’ve pinged my good friend Detlev Johnson and asked him to take a peek and give us some feedback on that end. So, until we get that side of things cleared up, I’m going to have to put these guys on hold.

But don’t worry! Leave it with me and I’ll be back atcha as soon as we clear up this mystery!



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