SEO Copywriting Snapshot: The Origin Solution

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a Web site that’s decidedly different than the rest? One that has personality and pizazz and is actually…well…interesting to read.

This is what came to mind when I was browsing The Origin Solution’s site. The company, based in Malaysia, specializes in Web design. There are certainly some things to tweak from a SEO copywriting perspective, but I’m going to ignore every single one of them for now.

Let’s delve right into the messaging.

Here’s their services page:


If your first reaction is, “Wow, is that gray type on a dark background,” the answer is “sure is.”  Low contrast between the text and the background makes this page hard to read right off the bat.  But I digress from the messaging…

And the messaging  sounds like thousands of other design shops that offer similar services. It’s, unfortunately, boring and benefit-statement free.

Part of this could be because there’s not a clear target audience focus. The beginning paragraph states that the company “provides services to any organization.” But is that really true? For instance, does the company (just by virtue of the client list) work with a lot of attorneys? Or small, home-based businesses? Or ecommerce sites? If you want to connect with your audience, you want to speak to them in their language and mention benefits that are important to them – not you, and not another target audience. A one-size-fits-all copy approach is just like wearing a one-size-fits-all dress. No matter what, it never quite brings out your best qualities…

I would recommend that The Origin Solution (and you, too, if you’re in the same situation) figure out their primary and secondary target markets and brainstorm the benefits. Is the price point lower? Is Origin so specialized in X niche that it can increase client sales by X percent? Those “what’s in it for me” benefits are crucial – and what helps make the sale.

One incredibly powerful way to differentiate is by simply inserting personality in the copy. My two favorite examples are Eva Rosenberg’s Ask TaxMama site (Eva’s a long time Web expert and Enrolled Agent) and Peter Shankman, PR genius and owner of Geek Factory and Help A Reporter.

Review these two sites and tell me that you don’t automatically like these people. And even trust them…even if you don’t have any reason to trust them.

(Side note: Eva is wonderful, and she’s been a dear friend for years. I don’t know Peter (follow him on Twitter @skydiver) but he sounds like a fun guy to grab a coffee with.) THAT’S the power of targeted copywriting. They know their audience, they speak to their audience, and they let their personalities shine.

So, folks at The Origin Solution – I say define your target audience and speak directly to them…not the masses.  Find your voice, whether that be highly corporate, or casual like Eva and Peter.  And clearly discuss what’s in it for your target audience and what makes you different.  Sometimes, giving your site a tone and feel makeover is all you need for better conversions.

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  1. Heather says:

    Kenny, that’s a good question.

    The first key is to actually *talk* to the client (rather than rely on email only) and start by asking these three questions:

    1. What sites have a tone and feel that you enjoy (to get an idea of client preference.)

    2. Who is your exact target audience (a more formal tone is a must for some audiences…but some audiences appreciate – and will convert better – with a more casual feel.

    3. What are your prospects’ main concerns (this will give you an idea of how to approach the content.

    In most cases, getting the client talking – and getting a feel for their individual and “corporate” personality – is all it takes to get the ball rolling.

    It’s also a good idea to research your client’s competitors and see how they’re writing their copy. You may find an opportunity through your research that you can bounce off your client.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for your question! :)


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