What to do right now for catalog marketers: Planning your SEO copywriting strategy

SEO copywriting - what to do nowDear catalog marketers,

It’s August 1st. Have you finalized your holiday SEO copywriting strategy?

Right now, while we’re enjoying vacation time and lazy summer days, the words “holiday season” sound far in the future.

Guess what – it’s not.

Already, you’re seeing “Back-to-school” newspaper inserts”¦and soon, Halloween goblins will be gracing the shelves”¦after that, holiday music will bombard your ears with cheer and joy. By the time the vicious holiday season cycle starts, you’ll be in the depths of it – and without a clear content strategy, you’ll be leaving money (and sales) on the table.

In short, get on it. You’ve got just enough time to write new SEO copywriting content, add holiday references to old content and leverage new ways to gain happy customers.

Catalog marketers: here’s what you should be thinking about, right now.

  • Do certain pages need to be rewritten to reflect the holidays and/or a seasonal theme? What organic and PPC landing pages need to be created and by when?
  • What non-sales content (such as articles, buying guides, holiday “must haves”) should you create? Is this new content better suited for a blog? Should you include it as an article on your site? What about creating a newsletter?
  • Have you recently double-checked your keyphrase research? Are there new keyphrases you can fold into your content?
  • When are content rough and final drafts due to editorial? Will that give IT enough time to upload the pages and implement any changes?
  • What offline seasonal promotions are planned? How are you mirroring your offline marketing initiatives online?
  • What about overflow? Will you need to hire additional freelancers, train your staff in SEO copywriting or bring on additional in-house writers?

Sure, it seems like a lot of advanced planning. But by getting your SEO copywriting ducks in a row now, it will be smooth sailing come holiday time (at least around your online content.) And that could be the biggest holiday gift of all.

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