Win a free subscription to the SEO Copywriting Certification training

Want a free subscription to the SEO Copywriting Certification training ($599 value?) One lucky person will receive a subscription at no charge – here’s all you have to do:

In 75 words or less, comment on this post and tell us why you want to be a Certified SEO Copywriter.

Maybe you’re a freelance writer, and receiving your Certification will help you build another income stream and give you a competitive edge. Maybe you’re a SEO agency copywriter and you want to know how to help your clients see better conversion rates. Or maybe you’re a small business owner who needs DIY SEO copywriting skills. Just tell us why Certification is important to you!


Plus, even if you don’t receive a free training, you’ll still get a bonus – every person who enters will receive a 25 percent-off coupon for a future SEO Copywriting Certification training subscription (Total savings – $149.75!).

Here are the guidelines:

  • Anyone can participate!
  • No purchase is necessary.
  • Post 75 words or less about why you want to be a Certified SEO copywriter in the “comments” section of this blog post. You have until Tuesday June 29, to submit your response.
  • Make sure you include a valid email address (otherwise, I can’t contact you if I choose your comment – or give you your discount coupon!).
  • The winner will receive a free 3-month subscription to the SEO Copywriting Certification training. There is no cash prize, nor can cash be substituted for the prize.
  • The winner agrees that I can use their name and comment in future marketing materials.

That’s it!

I’ll choose what I feel is the best entry on June 30th. Once the winner has responded, I’ll announce it here. If the winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours of contact – sorry – the prize will go to the next person.

Of course, any spammy entries will automatically be deleted. You’ve been warned. 🙂

Ready? Set? Go forth and comment!

39 replies
  1. francesca
    francesca says:

    34 and starting a new life/job! in italy i will have a hard time writing SEO (because of clients’ mentality…) and i need the basis to cope with them and come up with the perfect mix of good contents and SE friendly techniques. Only you can save me Heather 😉

  2. Dave Fuentes
    Dave Fuentes says:

    It has been a calling for me to write for the web ever since I started as a content writer back in 2004. Content is King – that’s the old school of thought that has guided my SEO profession.

    Therefore, being a Certified SEO Copywriter will only reinforce my value of content to be delivered to my market audience.

  3. Abby Kerr
    Abby Kerr says:

    Hey, Heather! —

    What a treat of an offer! I’ve been a writer since age 4 but a paid copywriter for less than a year. I deeply respect my clients and their investment with me. Being a former English teacher, I’m extremely teachable. I want to learn from the best – and you ARE #2 on Google for “SEO copywriting”! Thanks for the chance to win.

    — Abby

  4. Nina
    Nina says:

    Credibility is a major factor in business. People won’t buy, if they don’t trust. Becoming a certified SEO copywriter will help me attract the high paying clients I desire.I would like to enhance my copywriting skills to increase profits for my clients. That way, I can help give back in more ways than one. If I can help at least one person with the power of words, I know that my work is done.

  5. Derek Cromwell
    Derek Cromwell says:

    The power of the written word never ceases to amaze me. I often feel very charged with the knowledge that not only can I influence highly advanced mathematical algorithms for my clients website rank but that I can directly impact the emotional connection between clients and their buyers.

    I absolutely love helping clients find that sweet spot that fosters connection and engagement, and certification in SEO Copywriting will enable me to do just that.

  6. lisa smillie
    lisa smillie says:

    I follow your tweets and like your take on content. I’m a new copywriter transitioning from wine sales. And while I try to build a portfolio, I’d love to add the title “Certified SEO Copywriter” to the list of reasons a new client should give my writing a chance.

    Thanks for making this generous offer for some lucky winner to add solid SEO skills to their arsenal.

  7. Niels
    Niels says:

    I currently work with small start up companies who I would like to give a change in hell to be found by the people who need their products.

  8. Ellyn Ambrose
    Ellyn Ambrose says:

    That answer is simple. Am a copywriter and just want to be the best. You can’t be “the best” without knowing Google Adwords, Design, Email, Direct Mail, Profits and Profits…but nothing is more important than building a website’s presence on the Web with SEO. I want it all!

  9. Debra
    Debra says:

    SEO Copywriting is what I want to do for a living. After taking several courses in internet marketing I knew I was on the right career track, but felt something was missing. Looking further, I started taking courses learning how building websites.

    It was here I discovered, as I built websites for my assignments, I had more fun writing the content than the code. Since then, I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on trying to learn this craft.

    My goal is to to help businesses drive search results through quality content. Winning this course would be the icing on my internet cake.

    Thank you for putting this amazing offer to the community.

  10. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Writing is one of the few things that I am good at, (although I am managing to hide that quite well right now!) unfortunately there isn’t much money in poetry and travel writing – but copywriting is something I really enjoy and it would be excellent to get a ‘real’ job! I hope my boss doesn’t read this!

  11. Lee Schwarz
    Lee Schwarz says:

    “Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door”. That’s BS. Modern success hinges on savvy navigation around the ever changing rules of online search. With SEO Certification, I’ll stand out above the rest, attract the best clients and get them through my door more easily. By getting SEO Certified with Heather I can give my clients their best opportunity to be number one! Great offer heather, Thanks!

  12. Jessica Pairrett
    Jessica Pairrett says:

    I’d love to take the Certified SEO Copywriting course to help myself learn more about copywriting. I’ve been told my copywriting’s stellar and helps our company effectively sell products, but there’s more than that; there’s a “hidden” SEO part that none of us in-house copywriters really truly understand. I’d love to learn and teach my coworkers how we can improve our site conversions by doing what we love: working with words.

  13. Melanie Rembrandt
    Melanie Rembrandt says:

    So many people come to me with sites that need drastic updates because they have been burned by scams or marketers making big promises about SEO. I want to work continuously on my SEO education so that I can help other entrepreneurs get the SEO they need to meet their goals… while saving time and money. This way, they can offer more value to their customers, and it’s a winning situation for everyone.

  14. Dan Luttner
    Dan Luttner says:

    As the youngest employee in my office by about ten years, I work on bringing fresh ideas (although slowly) into our business model. I would love the opportunity to learn from you how to increase our company’s visibility and better attract a market for our services.

    Thanks for the opportunity Heather!

  15. Jacqueline Valenti
    Jacqueline Valenti says:

    Hi Heather!
    I just graduated with a B.A. in English; however, despite getting straight A’s, I’ve been pushed into the real world of writing without any course knowledge on SEO– never even heard the term until I began my copywriting internship! I’ve been doing independent research, but now that my internship has turned into an exciting part time job I want to give my boss’s bridal site the quality content she deserves.
    Thank you for this opportunity!
    Jacqueline Valenti

  16. Pat Walls
    Pat Walls says:

    Hi Heather

    What a tremendous opportunity you are offering. I am starting my B2B business and have landed a client that is now requesting help with their website visibilty. I recently lost my primary source of income, so I am not in the position to be able to purchase a SEO course to enhance my skills. Being able to acquire your SEO training and certification would be invaluable to me and my clients and allow me to stand out and produce the best copy for my client’s websites.

  17. John Chang
    John Chang says:

    Although I’ve enjoyed helping small business clients with traditional copywriting, I’m learning that SEO copywriting requires both a grasp of writing keyword rich content with persuasion and web technology savvy.

    Business owners have a hard enough time running their business, never mind learning this area of expertise. That’s why they need folks who are qualified to help – like a Certified SEO Copywriter.

  18. Drew Sanders
    Drew Sanders says:

    I enjoy writing. It’s something I excel at. I was a journalism graduate who couldn’t find a writing job but joined a talented group at a web marketing company. I’ve been searching for something I can bring to the table and finally found it: writing. I want my company to sell copy-writing services so I need more knowledge in writing for the web. Help me make the case.

  19. Heather Mueller
    Heather Mueller says:

    I’d love to join the SEO Copywriting Certification for one reason, really — you’re the best. For several months, I’ve been following the advice on your blog, your eletter, LinkedIn…and I’ve come to this conclusion: if I’m going to start offering — or even specializing in — SEO Copywriting, I’m going to HAVE to learn from Success Works. It’s obvious you not only have all the answers, but are a great teacher as well!

  20. Sylvia Burleigh
    Sylvia Burleigh says:

    Everyday I’m responsible for the content shown on the websites I build for business owners in the auto industry. While I’m fairly confident in web design, I feel I lack the expertise in solid web content that could drive their search results to the top! With SEO expertise from Success Works, I can advance my skills and become totally committed to the success of my customers in both design and content!

  21. Laura Crest
    Laura Crest says:

    As a student halfway through Heather’s course, I can only say “Wow”! As an investment in your copywriting career, it’s absolutely a no-brainer. I’m already reaping the benefits and revenue that would have been out of my reach had I not made the commitment to learn SEO from the best source imaginable. I encourage any of you who are on the fence to jump off already and sign up!! The investment will provide you with both immediate and career-long returns, over and over and over…!!

  22. Tineke
    Tineke says:

    Hi Heather

    I have just started freelancing full-time after losing my job (the agency I worked at folded).

    Credibility is so important in our industry. Becoming a certified SEO copywriter will help me attract more SEO business. I find that clients love my work but some are not sure of my SEO ability. Your course will prove my credibility, grow Bright Copy and help my new freelancing business become more successful.


  23. Anita MacKenzie
    Anita MacKenzie says:

    The Get-out-of-jail-free card I’ve been searching for! I am a part-time freelance SEO copywriter and I’ve been hunting for an online course offered by knowledgeable teachers. My forte is writing SEO product copy for e-commerce sites and I have been working diligently in that direction. I firmly believe this course is a must for me if I want to perfect my craft, attract better clients and finally take the (gulp!) full-time plunge. Wishing you all the best and thank you for this opportunity!

  24. Jacqueline Morrison
    Jacqueline Morrison says:

    Why do I want to be a certified SEO copywriter – to make a difference, to able to write on the subjects that I am passionate about in manner that will not only allow my words to be found but to be acted upon, to resonate with my audience and impel them to take action. We each have our passions and to be able to influence positively through words and the web is an opportunity indeed.

  25. Heather Georgoudiou
    Heather Georgoudiou says:


    Did you know that F. Scott Fitzgerald spent hours copying works from writers he admired?

    Fitzgerald strove to understand the rhythm, tone, and phrasing of his mentors to develop his own unique voice.

    I need a copywriting mentor. I choose you.

    The first day I started my position as a copywriter I was handed your book “Successful Search Engine Copywriting.” My copy is dog-eared, highlighted, and still working.

    I’m ready for the next step!

  26. Rod
    Rod says:

    My name is Rod Earnest and I am 39 year-old aspiring freelance writer looking to make a better way for my family by way of my writing.I have been doing lots of research and I find SEO copywriting to be the most intriguing. It seems as if it would be kind’ve like working a puzzle of sorts.

  27. Chris
    Chris says:


    Ultimately, everybody does what they do for selfish reasons; even altruistic actions are taken to make the person feel better about themselves. I’m no exception. I would like to take your course so I could spend more time with my family while providing a better life for them. Along the way I would be able to use SEO copywriting skills to help others reach their goals, bettering their lives and the lives of others.

  28. Glenn Hyska
    Glenn Hyska says:

    Becoming a Certified SEO Copywriter is an important step to gaining confidence not only in yourself as a professional, but to a client deciding between two similarly skilled writers. I want to become certified so that the knowledge acquired from your course will be validated which also creates a sense of accomplishment. Certification from your course can be that springboard to knowledge followed by experience to gain success in this field.

  29. Claire Talbott
    Claire Talbott says:

    I encounter clients, business people who believe SEO can be accomplished by registering their sites with search engines. Or that you buy keyword domain names. I want to be able to educate them on how SEO works, help them make their sites truly optimized.

    But while I’ve read blogs, articles, books on the subject, I feel like I’ve only get pieces of the puzzle without ever seeing the big picture. I want the big picture!

  30. Heather
    Heather says:

    Wow – what FANTASTIC comments!

    Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. I’ll be choosing the lucky winner today…stay tuned for the announcement. 🙂

  31. Faye Rivkin
    Faye Rivkin says:

    SEO training is just what I need to take my online marketing copy business to the next level. My clients appreciate the writing I do for their sites. Their clients and prospects find it helpful, too. But these sites don’t always receive a lot of “search” traffic. I think that’s because, although I use keywords to the best of my ability, overall we aren’t following the right process. I’d like to fix that!

  32. Mitchell Dominguez
    Mitchell Dominguez says:

    A “Ghost Copywriter” coming out unto the civilian world of B2C/B2B am I.

    No jejune courses or faux “Gurus” are needed. You are tops, read your actual work some time back, tres magnifique!

    Your course shall put l’il ole me into a prosperous pipeline in no time flat.

    Plus, I will recommend you and your company to top flight firms. You too, shall prosper!
    (A slightly shameless bribe.)

  33. Tricia Fitzpatrick
    Tricia Fitzpatrick says:

    Nothing breeds success like an seo-shot in the arm. I’m a marketing writer by trade looking to stay tuned up and in. SEO’s a necessity on the web, and a sure-fired way to really connect with your audience. Count me in!

  34. Gina
    Gina says:

    I am so ready for SEO Certification after countless hours and months of circling the Internet—researching and pursuing possibilities in SEO copywriting, believing SEO writing is indeed “real” writing and then finally making acceptable pay, which is still not enough to justify my hours, efforts and the positive feedback I receive. This opportunity feels like arriving to the gate for high-level success, after too many back alleyways. I could pursue “green” SEO content copywriting.

  35. Marjorie S.
    Marjorie S. says:

    SEO Copywriting has “had me” since I found the site’s blog as the #1 answer to a nitty-gritty question I queried. First thought: I want a piece of that cake. I’m the sole owner/operator of a niche SEO writing & consulting business, which means I have little time to educate myself. My clients deserve the best, not only in SEO strategies, but in quality writing and customer conversions. I want SEO Copywriting’s recipe!

  36. suresh menon
    suresh menon says:

    when i say ‘I have no words to write about this post’ I am not coughing up a worn out cliche’.
    hte post and the variety of comments here leaves me gasping.
    It’s not easy,standing amidst the maker of this unique post and many writers,word smiths,word jugglers and word wizards.
    Why do I want this certificate?
    To climb up the listing ladder…to get a front row seat…



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