Customized SEO Writing Training — Online or In-House

I can teach your team how to master SEO writing – and finally capture the search positions you crave.

I can teach your team how to master SEO writing – and finally capture the search positions you crave.

  • Do you have print copywriters you need to transform into savvy online SEO writers?
  • Does your marketing team write amazing online content, but it’s keyphrase-free and invisible in Google?
  • Has your team been resistant to learning the SEO ropes, and you need a trainer to gently modify their mindset and get everyone on the same page?

Does this sound like your in-house team?

You have a talented team full of marketing experts, copywriters, and IT ninjas. You  create great content, and you know that you should be “writing for Google” – but you’re not quite sure what that means. You do know that your current site doesn’t have the positions you want and your content is probably to blame.

You may already have a keyphrase research document (although you may not be sure if you’re targeting the right keyphrases.) You may even be working with an SEO or agency to handle the technical side of your site. But when it comes down to setting a content strategy, choosing the right keyphrases, and writing top-positioned copy, your team doesn’t have a clue. Heck, you don’t even know how to find the time for a content strategy.

In short, you need someone to take a complex topic and make it easy, accessible, and fun.

I transform great team members into amazing SEO writers and strategists.

I’ve trained companies just like yours — companies with great writers and fantastic content — but so-so Google positions.

Chances are, you’ve probably tried to learn SEO writing on your own. You may have downloaded free guides, checked out some blog posts – maybe even attended a conference. You may have tried some different writing strategies, but things haven’t clicked yet.

Plus, you may have some team members who are resistant to SEO writing strategies, and you’re not sure how to help them see the light. You know some “easy wins” would help convince them, but you don’t know where the easy wins are hiding.

I love training in-house team members (yes, even the resistant ones) on the latest SEO content strategies.


Because, halfway through the training, I see light bulbs switching on and smiles getting bigger. People realize how easy it is to write solid Titles and drive more traffic to their site. They see how simple it is to tighten up their sales copy and make more money. They explore all the fun, ethical ways to weave keyphrases into their writing and start seeing top search engine positions. They start batting around ideas and developing plans.

They finally feel like they have a handle on “this SEO writing thing” and can start seeing success.

I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned over 20+ years as an SEO copywriting expert, break everything down into baby-steps, and show you how to manage your SEO content marketing strategy. You’ll be able to pick my brain for hours and finally create a sustainable content plan that works for your company — complete with team member buy-in.

And that light bulb above your head will burn bright by the end of the training — and keep burning.

Need to learn more than just SEO writing? I’ve got you covered.

All training sessions are 100 percent customized for your exact needs. Want me to dive into sales writing techniques? Love it! Need a deep-dive into buyer personas? Sounds like fun! Here’s a sample SEO writing training agenda to get your wheels turning.

We can even build in homework between sessions, additional consultation, and a follow-up  “lunch and learn” webinar series. Whatever you need, I can make it happen. Let’s talk about what you want to see.

“The pioneer of SEO copywriting.”


Thanks to her full-day onsite training, we’ve got several new tools that will allow us to better preserve our current legacy rankings and create new content that’s more thoughtful and more relevant to our readers.

— Ashley Kosciolek | Editor,

We made immediate changes to keywords on specific pages, and those pages are now ranked in the first position, first page by major search engines. We even outranked our supplier!

Heather is a great teacher, easy to understand, and obviously helped us produce results.”

— Mary Strauss, VP Marketing, Mainline Information Systems

“There are many people who do speaking and training on search marketing, but Heather is one of the best. Her clear speaking style, with an emphasis on both what’s effective and what’s realistic in a business situation, is what differentiates her from the techno-speak that you usually get. Plus, she’s fun, which is even better. I’ve worked with Heather on several speaking engagements, and would jump to do so again. Don’t miss your chance to work with her.”

— Mike Moran, Chief Strategist at Converseon

Let’s explore your goals, your current strategies and your needs.

Give me a call at (503) 476-1065 or contact me today.  I can’t wait to help you grab the Google positions that your site deserves.