Customized SEO Copywriting Training Course Agenda

This training is 100% customized for your organization and can be delivered via web conferencing or. Training dates fill quickly – please contact us with your requirements and desired dates.

Keyphrase Research

Total time – up to 75 minutes of training and personalized consultation

Many organizations face a very common search marketing problem: optimizing for phrases people don’t search upon (resulting in no traffic) or optimizing for phrases with multiple connotations (which attract an untargeted market). Strategic research guarantees that the keyphrases (both “legacy” and “buzz” keyphrases) you optimize for are keyphrases your customers use to search for products and services like yours.

Additionally search engines determine page relevance based (in a large part) by the visible, HTML text on the page. As such, understanding how to develop a keyphrase strategy will eliminate any fears of “keyword stuffing” (which is considered spam) and safely maximize positions for crucial phrases. This strategy becomes especially important in the case of highly competitive keyphrases

SuccessWorks will teach you how to research top keyphrase ideas relating to the profit center of your choice.

Specific knowledge points include:

  • Understanding the importance of keyphrase research
  • Learning the keyphrase research tools that yield maximum results
  • Creating a keyphrase brainstorm strategy
  • Specific strategies for keyphrase research
  • How to develop a per-page keyphrase strategy
  • How keyphrases help to target your prospects at every stage of the purchasing cycle

Content Development Training

Total time – up to 75 minutes of training and personalized consultation
Writing for search engines is a crucial skill set for search marketing success. Content development training ensures that all Client content is created according to search engine writing best practices. This guarantees that all pages created by the marketing team can position well for a variety of keyterms – while the conversion focus, messaging, and tone and feel is maintained.

Specific knowledge points include:

  • Specific SEO writing best practices
  • Important places to include your main keyterms
  • What pages should be rewritten for keyphrases, as opposed to editing for keyphrases
  • The Google snippet secret
  • How to edit existing text for keyphrases

Title and Meta Tag Training

Total time – up to 75 minutes of training and personalized consultation
Conversions actually start at the search engines results page: A well-written title will pre-qualify your customers as well as “get the click” into your site. Second to the visible content, the page title is the most important factor in search positioning and conversions. Learning how to create keyphrase-rich titles that position well and convert is a crucial search-marketing element.

Specific knowledge points include:

  • Title development best practices
  • Description tag best practices
  • Why “clickability” is crucial in search marketing.

SEO 101 Training

Total time – up to 75 minutes of training and personalized consultation

SEO copywriters realize greater success when they can understand the SEO 101 basics, and how the algorithmic search engines record pages. The SEO 101 training provides basic information about how Google ranks web pages and E-A-T.

Specific knowledge points include:

  • How Google works and what is — and is not — important to search positions.
  • What E-A-T is, and why understanding the guidelines can help you create better web pages.
  • The latest Google/SEO news, and how it relates to the client’s site.

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