SEO Copywriting Certification training course syllabus

The online SEO Copywriting Certification training course gives you everything you need to know to confidently write keyphrase-rich copy that converts like crazy.

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All this for pennies a day – and without leaving the comforts of your office.  It’s SEO copywriting training on your terms!

Course outline:

Lesson One
Why smart background research equals great copy

Discover the step-by-step process Master SEO copywriters go through to create highly targeted copy that crushes the competition. You’ll learn how to research your local and national competition online, figure out the hottest trends relating to your business, develop a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats,) and how to expertly position your company.

Lesson Two
The secret to masterful marketing copy: Giving your customers what they want

Who is your “perfect” client – and how do they think, research and buy? What are your unique features – and how do you translate those into hard-hitting benefits? You’ll discover how to develop a customer persona, boost your benefit statements and create targeted messaging that will make your customers want to take action – right now!

Lesson Three
Capturing clicks with powerful keyphrases

Take the guesswork out of keyphrase research! You’ll discover how keyphrases relate to your unique buy cycle, how to build a keyphrase seed list, how to capitalize on keyphrase trends and various fun (and free) ways you can find the best keyphrases for your site.

Lesson Four
Lesson four: Targeted per-page keyphrase strategies

Wondering what to do with your keyphrase seed list? This lesson demonstrates how you choose the best keyphrases for every page on your site. You’ll learn about the evolution of a keyphrase list, how to overlap keyphrases and how to develop a tightly-focused sitewide keyphrase strategy.

Lesson Five
Writing prime-positioned web pages that convert like crazy

Wondering how to write top-converting copy that can gain great search engine rankings. This lesson outlines the step-by-step process Master SEO copywriters use when they sit down to write high ranking copy. You’ll learn the truth about keyphrase density, where to really place your keyphrases and the most important pages that you should start writing right now!

Lesson Six
Supercharge your existing site copy

Discover how you can transform your existing articles, FAQ pages, blog posts and more into powerful, top-positioned pages. You’ll learn step-by-step keyphrase editing instructions, how to use the Secret Google Trick for higher conversion rates and how to create a top-positioning Title that screams “click me” from the search engine results page

Lesson Seven
Spotting new content strategy opportunities

Why settle for a few top positioning keyphrases when you can build content – and gain rankings – for hundreds more? You’ll discover how to create compelling articles, FAQ pages and more that will help you capture clicks across the buy cycle.

Lesson Eight
Measuring your SEO copywriting success

Measuring your SEO copywriting success is more than just checking your keyphrase rankings. Discover the various ways you can measure your success, test your copy for effectiveness and further improve upon your SEO copywriting campaign! We’ll discuss easy ways to improve your site copy using Google’s free tools such as Search Console, Google Analytics and Website Optimizer.

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About Your SEO Copywriting Instructor

Heather Lloyd-Martin has been teaching individuals and corporations how to leverage SEO copywriting and content marketing techniques since 1998, and is widely regarded as the pioneer of SEO copywriting best practices. She’s worked with clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies, search engines, B2B companies, catalog companies and small businesses to help dramatically increase their Web presence and conversions.